September 21st, 2010

Ideas for a new trial colour for Miacup

Poll #1621253 Ideas for a new colour Miacup

What colour menstrual cup would you like to see from Miacup?

Hi Ladies,

I have just recently taken over at Miacup and have thought about some exciting new additions.
We are looking at adding a new colour and thought it best to ask the experts, yourselves, since you are using and buying menstrual cups.
They are personal and we would like to either come out with a totally new colour that is not yet on the market or a popular colour.
Your input is appreciated.

Warm regards
Miacup MD

meluna hurts to remove :(

I'm new to cups - just started with this period.  I am a virgin but have assumed my hymen isn't intact as I have no trouble with using tampons.  I've used my meluna medium ball stem cup twice now.  I thought the second time would be easier but in fact it seemed harder.  So, here's the story:

Day 1 of my period:  Tried C-Fold, S-fold and double-7 fold for insertion.  None went in - all attempts very painful.  Did some exploration with 2 fingers and discovered they happily went in stacked one front, one back but wouldn't go in side by side (left and right).  Using that info decided 7-fold in the front to back direction might work.  Went in pretty easily.

Removal - attempt 1 - ball stem was sitting in line with pubic bone so easy to locate and get a grip on but wouldn't budge because of seal.  Tried pinching the grip rings but couldn't break the seal.  After a very long time decided to give up, relax a bit, try again later.

Removal - attempt 2 - managed to get a finger up to the rim and break the seal.  Could also drag it down just a little with finger hooked over rim.  Tried to fold it down but couldn't get enough fingers in deeply enough.  Finally got a finger hooked at the front of the cup and it seemed to fold a bit and start coming out.  Then got stuck half-way out - very, very painful.  Skin at vaginal opening couldn't stretch around rim.  Finally managed to get a fairly open C-fold that I forced out painfully.  Left out overnight and wore pad instead.

Day 2 of my period.  Insertion:  Tried 7-fold in same orientation as previous day.  Really painful, wouldn't go in.  Did some exploration with fingers.  This time found two fingers could go in side by side but not front to back (opposite to previous day - odd!).  Got the 7-fold in using left to right orientation - more difficult than previous day.

Removal - Reached a finger up to the rim - thought I broke the seal.  Tried tugging  on grip rings to pull down but suction seemed to have re-established.  Had to break seal twice more before I could start tugging it down.  Tried reaching in far enough to do C-fold.  Vaginal skin was really dry and thin like tissue - kept pinching it between fingers and cup and it was really painful.  Finally managed to get a partial C-fold established and pull out a bit more.  Kept trying to fold it a bit more and pull it out a bit further.  Got really difficult the more I got it out.  The rim just wouldn't fold and the vaginal opening wouldn't stretch around it.  Finally forced it out painfully.

Day 3 of period.  Vagina is sore and tender.  Not sure whether to have another attempt.  Feeling a bit traumatized. 

So, its got me thinking:


1.  Does anyone use lubricant to remove their cup?  The dryness of the vagina on the second day seemed to be a big part of the problem...

2.  What should I do?  Persevere?  Try different brands or a smaller meluna?

The things I liked about using my meluna:

1.  Felt dry and comfortable whilst using it.

2.  The seal was really good - would have confidence using it whilst playing sport.

3.  Lasted 5 hours on my heaviest day (think this size or bigger is necessary for my heavy days)

4.  Not sure if its related or just coincidence but I've had a complete absence of menstrual cramps this cycle when I usually get them on the first couple of heavy days.

New LadyCup User

Hello everyone!

My mom just bought me a LadyCup, lotus color, small for my birthday from their Ebay store, after I've been wanting one for a couple years (I found out about them right here on LJ). I'm 25, sexually active, no kids. I just got done with my period and I am astonished. I cannot believe my period could have been COMFORTABLE. I actually forgot I was on my period!!! This had never happened to me since its onset. It was either bulky awkward pads or uncomfortable soaked through tampons. I did a dry run in the shower and decided to trim the stem a little. Insertion was pretty easy, I've been using the C-fold and 7-fold throughout the week with a little bit of lube on the rim periodically. I was so used to checking for leaks in my tampon every 2-3 hours that I did it with the cup too, but I quickly realized this was unnecessary. I ended up only changing it every 12-14 hours! Incredible! The ONLY time it leaked was when I left it in closer to 24 hours (like I said I forgot I was on my period) and was on campus all day. That was my bad- it was a heavy flow day, the cup just runneth over that's all.

I also did yoga twice in it and the LadyCup was comfy and never leaked. I'm so happy, I was kinda nervous always about getting one/fitting right/wasting money. My period is always such a hassle....but my cup is changing my perspective =D I even got my boyfriend involved, he's the one who trimmed the stem for me. I joked that if I needed help removing it would he help, and he said of course. And he loves the idea of not running to the store at 1am to get me more tampons, not to mention all the extra money we'll be saving. Yay all around!
Kiwi Me

First time Fleurcup user. I adore it!

Thought I would share my first experience with my cup.

I first heard about menstrual cups on reddit. I was really intrigued with the idea, and having done a week's intensive research (and finding out two of my sisters have Divas!) I decided the large Fleurcup was right for me. I'm 24, but have had a kiddie and know I'm a bit roomy down there. I got my lovely black fleur in the mail and couldn't wait for my period! (What a novel feeling. :D )

When I first got my cup, I played with it and experimented with the different folds. I found the one I could open easiest outside was the 7 fold and punch down, so I tried those inside on my dry run. I couldn't get the 7 fold to open, but found the punch down really easy, and I could tell when it opened because it "punched" my vaginal wall when it was fully popped open. It didn't hurt at all. When I went to take it out, I pinched the base, tipped it so it was level and it came right out! No pain at all. I'm pretty certain my cervix is quite low during my period, because the tip of the stem is just level with the vaginal opening when it's seated and sealed right. This doesn't bother me as it is a lot more flexible than tampons that would worm their way to freedom when I went on walks. (SO GROSS.) It being low means when I tip the cup level, it's got an edge out already and the rest just follows.

During my period, it was heaven! I was clean! I didn't have to worry about finding a garbage can when I was at friends', didn't have to worry about rogue tampons not doing their job and making a run for it, or pads bunching up and giving me wedgies. I was FREE! Inserting, taking out and cleaning were the easiest thing. Not one leak. I am in love and want to shout it from the roof tops!

I was surprised at how little I actually bleed. I was expecting to use the whole 30 ml cup, but it barely went past the top grip ring after 6 or 7 hours on my heaviest day. I have thought about maybe getting a smaller one, maybe a Meluna, but am worried it won't fit my cavern of a vagina. I am very happy with my fleur, but I can see myself becoming a cup addict very easily! :D My husband even seems to be getting used to the idea of a cup, and not bloody cotton stuck up there, though he is still majorly grossed out by it.

Looking for LARGE LadyCup

Im looking for a Large LadyCup if anyone has one for sale. No matter the color.

I didnt think I liked the lady cup very well, but after having better luck with it then the Lunette I recently got, I think I really do like the LadyCup. However, my daughter has taken it over rather then using the brand new Fleurcup I got her!!!!

So am in need of another ladycup please!!!!I  I havent totally figured everything out here, so please send email to if you have 1 available. I quite probably will be looking to sell the used large Lunette and brand new small Fleurcup soon. UPDATE: The Lunette has sold. Still have the Fleurcup for sale.
Thank you