September 18th, 2010

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A quick question

I recently bought some toy cleaner, listed as a medical grade cleaner safe for silicone and other materials used for sex toys, and biologically safe as well.

The main ingredient is triclosan (which I didn't realise) and I was wondering if that is safe for sterilizing my new MeLuna.

Is it safe? Would it be as safe as boiling, or would you still recommend boiling?
I cannot bring myself to put any cups directly into a pan that I also cook food in, that my family also uses. It is so gross to me. I always use a jar of water within the pan, but I worry that will not be hot enough. Thanks!

(no subject)

One of the most stressful moments in my life has happend today. I dropped my cup into the toilet. It was so terrible, I haven't know what to do, so I took it out of the toilet, washed it with hydrogen peroxide, rinsed it well with water and then reinsert. I'm not sure that i had done the right thing. Now I'm sсared of possible infections because of toilet and irritation because of peroxide. Tell me guys, am I going to be OK after all of that? 

Cups and implantation spotting?

I didn't see a tag for this, so I thought I'd go ahead and ask -- please let me know if the question is not appropriate for the community.

So, my period is due tomorrow, and I've been wearing my DivaCup since yesterday. Normally, I'm a girl whose period works like clockwork. I have never had an issue knowing when it's going to start, and my PMS symptoms have always been the same. I usually don't get cramps until the day my period starts, but for the past week (since Monday), I've gotten cramps every single day, and they've all felt like my period was starting. I've been popping Naproxen like it's candy, at the suggestion of my doctor for managing my cramps (they're generally pretty debilitating) (and by popping Naproxen like it's candy, I mean taking two tablets three times a day), and half-expecting my period to just show up out of nowhere.

But then, on a concerned whim, I did a quick search on Google for cramping as a symptom of possible pregnancy (since I have been having unprotected sex, and the withdrawal method is not an appropriate backup technique :x), and pretty much everything said that it's not completely uncommon, and that it usually does feel like your period is about to start. Most of the sites mentioning this information also mentioned implantation spotting. I hadn't noticed any spotting since I started cramping, but this morning, when I went to clean my DivaCup, I noticed a tiny amount of blood along the rim of the cup. Do any other women in the community have experience with implantation spotting and using a cup? What would it look like? I felt like the blood I saw on my cup was not the same as my usual flow, and I know my period hasn't started, because, like I said, my periods have always worked like clockwork, and my PMS and first day symptoms have always been the same.

I apologize if this question is not appropriate for the community; I just wasn't sure where else to ask, and I'm kinda paranoid at this point. Any help is appreciated. :)
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Cup Comparison Charts And International Shipping

Hello everyone, 2 points I wanted to mention really quick:

1-- I finally got around to making a comparison chart of the brands I own (size, capacity, stiffness).  I'm sorry its taken so long, but better late than never, I suppose.  Also, there are some brands I have now, that I did not before, so there is more info now.  I suppose its one more we can add to the wealth of lovely charts that have been shared here.  I put it in my WordPress blog, but I may also add it to my discussion forum.  Here is the link: 

2-- For Lunette customers, now ships worldwide :)  

Hope you guys like the chart, I used varying color shades, so the rows are easier to follow.  Hugs, everyone! 

Edit:  Ok, cm measurements have now been included, everyone! Although I broke the chart into 3 pictures now, and included the blue title bar at the top of each page, so if you click it to make it bigger, the blue bar remains as a guide :)