September 17th, 2010

  • octupos

Got my first MeLuna(s)!!!

Hey Everyone!

I am very pleased to tell you that I finally got my MeLuna cup that I ordered about two weeks ago from their website.

What makes me even happier is that they included an extra MeLuna for free!
The one I ordered is a Large blue cup with no stem. The second is a clear Medium cup, with a ball stem. They came with one soft carrying case as shown on the site.

The free one was listed as having minor defects, but fully functional. I searched it over and found two tiny black specks trapped in the plastic, and that the mouth of the cup is a bit more oval than a typical cup's circular opening.

The large MeLuna is about the same exact size as my Divacup, which in recent events, I parted ways with.
The little holes around the rim of the MeLuna are larger than the ones on the Divacup, and there are two instead of four. The MeLuna has paperclip sized holes where the Diva had holes like a fine, fine needle.

The cup is made of TPE or thermoplastic elastomer instead of silicone, and is said to be completely allergen free. The texture feels a bit "grippier" and sort of tacky, whereas the Diva has a smooth, fine texture to it.

The MeLunas are firmer in texture than the Diva, but I still think they are pretty squishy and awesome. I'm excited to use them for my next period! I'll be sure to write about my experience with them

MeLuna is a wonderful company and are very helpful with everything you need.

Today is like Christmas.

Under Pressure!

*sings along with Bowie*

I've had a size 1 Diva cup for about a year and a half, I adore it. But I've had to stop using it recently because when I put it in I immediately feel this pressure and swelling that's so uncomfortable that I feel like I'm going to vomit. The onset of this coincides directly with my losing 76lbs but I don't think the two are actually connected.

I miss my cup, should I go with a smaller option? Is there a smaller option?

Amusingly I've had 3 kids but the large cups are too large and I have an issue with as I've gotten older I've gotten tighter and had to go DOWN in tampon size with more frequent changing instead of up.

Acaciah - Queen to a King
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Replacement cup

I've had a size 2 Diva cup for a little over two years now, and at my last period I discovered a couple fine cracks in the rim. It's served me well, and I love using a cup, so there's no way in heck I'm going back to pads or tampons. I was wondering whether to get another Diva or if I should give a different brand a go. I do want a comparable capacity, just because I do distance running and I dont' want to worry if I'm going to be out on a long run. Any suggestions?

Trading my small Yuuki

Hello, fellow cup users!

A few months have past and I found myself facing a new cup problem: My small Yuuki and I just don't go together. I simply can't stop it from leaking! I've tried several folds (and I do get a seal every time), I turned it inside out and searched the community a hundred times - but I think it's actually too small for me. I never ever had any issues with my large Fleurcup, it sits perfectly every period and keeps me protected at least 15 hours on my heaviest day.

Anyway, since I now have a cup at home that I can't use, would anyone like to trade their large Diva or Lunette or Green Donna or Fleurcup with me?
I trimmed the stem a little bit (I will post a picture as soon as possible), I hope that won't be a problem. And, of course, I will sterilize the cup before (by cooking).

I'm living in Austria, so the preferred destination would be anywhere here in Europe, but I guess US would also be okay.

If you would like to trade, just leave a comment and I'll pm you!

Oh, and please excuse any weird sentences, I'm sitting here with a cold and fever; I can't really think clearly right now.