September 12th, 2010

New Divacup user

 Hello everyone,

I found this forum through one of my MANY searches for info on the divacup. I finally decided to buy it last night in anticipation of my period starting any day now, and I had a few questions that haven't been answered so far in my search.
About the suction: The first 'trial run' last night my fiancee put it in for me and I slept with it in.. this morning when i went to take it out, it slid out easily with no problem.. I'm assuming this meant that there was no suction at all? I put it in myself this time while lying on my back, and when i tried to test the suction by tugging on it, it wouldnt come out. Does this seem like a good way to test the suction? I wasnt squeezing it, just lightly tugging it by the stem.. i didnt feel any pain like others have mentioned having if they tried to pull it out without twisting it, so it seemed ok..

About the stem.. The stem is a bit noticeable, but not like irritating or painful. Its the only part of the cup that I can feel, but its helpful because otherwise i think id forget that i had it in..

I guess I'm just wondering how to be sure its in and suctioned properly.. silly me i have no idea where my cervix sits, or even what it feels like (poking around with a finger didnt help), so im not sure if the cup is in too far, or not far enough or what.. is it pretty much a trial and error thing (ie if your pants look like a crime scene, try again in a diff position/ fold), or do you just sort of "know" when its in the right place? I had NO luck with the rotation thing which the insert makes it seem like is the surefire way to make sure its sealed... any advice? tips? 

also, i'm 24 but have had lots of sex and have a son, so I have a model 2.   Thanks!
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Insertion Difficulties

 Thank you SO much for creating this community of support and information!  I stumbled upon your site a few years ago when I, apparently, had a similar thought as you about Native Americans and menstruation as well as wondered if there was an alternative and more environmentally friendly method for catching the flow.  

I love my menstrual cup.  I can't stand it when I have to use a liner or pad as back up but enjoy the greater freedom that wearing the cups provides.  No scent, reminder of its presence continually throughout the day and night, AND I am more active (yoga, sports, dance, etc) during it which is helpful for lower back pain.  Any mild discomfort that I use to get during my period is virtually non-existent.  No converts yet, but I rave about it all the time!  

I wore pads through my first year of college, switched over to tampons, and didn't switch over to the cup until about 2 years ago.  I tried Instead and it worked for about 3 cycles, then just quit catching anything.  My first ever cup was Diva 1.  About 4 cycles of trial and error and it finally became manageable.  Your folding techniques were uber helpful.  The 7 fold is the only one I can get to not cause pain upon entry because it folds into this small nugget, also it opens up fully inside me, most of the time.  Unfortunately, the ONLY way I can even insert it is lying on my back on my bathroom floor, which doesn't make it convenient when at a public restroom or someone else's house.  Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me?  I've tried squatting deeply with legs spread wide with this fold and even other more painful folds, but I can't get it in past 3/4 an inch and that's terribly painful.  I've tried legs spread wide over the toilet success.  One leg up, standing normal, a slight wide squat...nothing seems to work except this laying on the floor trick.   It's been this way since I found my signature insertion fold.  

Diva cup is the perfect length so I must be long inside.  I don't have trouble reaching it nor does it poke uncomfortably.  I can still reach it even when it moves up further inside.  The capacity is perfect, but a little more wouldn't be bad.  Also, a little firmer might be good.  The suction is good when I can get it to open.  Doesn't effect my bladder nor cause irritation.  Easy to remove without spills and I just use a toothpick to clean those silly holes.  

Anyways, thanks for all that you've done.  I only signed up for this site so that I could be apart of the community instead of being an outsider looking in.

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Meluna, Yuuki, or other?

I'm looking into menstrual cups for the first time, and am slightly confused at all of the choices. I've been reading the various reviews, and comparing sizes and everything, but would rather have some opinions before I buy one. I'm concerned about the stiffness of the Meluna putting pressure on my bladder, and the fact that it has a fairly small capacity. However, my cervix does seem to be fairly low while I'm on my period, and so the length of the Yuuki might be an issue?

I tend to have pretty heavy periods, so that also might be an issue with the smaller size of Meluna, when compared to most others. Is there any better cup that you guys can recommend, in terms of size/firmness/capacity? I'll probably need the small size in any cup, also, since I've not had kids.

( Sorry if this is a bit rambley - I just woke up from a nap. -3-)

Edit: Also, I'm eighteen currently, and not sexually active, so that led me towards the small size as well.

Fleurcup/Lunette/LadyCup to the rescue?

So I'm beginning to believe I may have a strange obsession with menstrual cups...

I have tried Diva  -too long even inside out
I have tried Meluna Sm. & Med.  -leaking, leaking, leaking!
I'm still early on with the so-called learning curve, so of course I'll be testing out different folds, positions and what not...But I keep looking at other cups online...with that crazed look in the eyes, credit card in hand; BAD

The biggest problem I've had with the cups is them filling with water while Im swimming; so not cool. I live in Hawaii so I'm in the water all the time, this simply won't work...My idea is to get a cup that is more cylindrical in shape vs tapered to a point at the stem.

I think a new cup may be in order...I've narrowed it down to the Fleurcup, Lunette, and Lady cup.
Fleurcup and Lunette look REALLY similar-any thoughts??
Ladycup I've heard is super soft-True??

Thanks for your thoughts!

EDIT: Small sizes in all cups is what I'm considering

Leaking brown goop-inevitable?

 I've been using the Divacup for about three months now and it works great the first three days or so of my period. My periods are usually really heavy, and it's been fabulous on the really heavy days- I hardly get any leaks at all. The problem is on the last few days of my period when the brown discharge starts to come. For some reason, my cup never catches the stuff! And there's a lot of it, so much that I have to use a regular pad. When I pull out my cup, there's always the stuff clinging to the outer walls and never any actually inside the cup, but the regular blood never leaks. So is this sort of leaking inevitable with menstrual cups, or am I doing something wrong? It's so frustrating having to wear pads again- I can't stand them!