September 10th, 2010

  • hubaak

Healt Question

Hi every one,

I sell the Femmecup brand of menstrual cups in Mexico and i just received an email from a client that had for the first time bought a Menstrual cup. She immediately went to see her gynecologist and ask him/her what his/her opinion was.
The gynecologist, told her that he/her is worried about the use of the cup and thinks is risky because if the cup over fills the menstruation would be finding a way out and because of that it could go back into the uterus and the Fallopian tube which could create something called (in Spanish) endometriosis.

So my first answer to her is that I've never heard of a case like this for a women using the cup. Beside that, for that to happen the women using the cup should then have a very heavy flow and gear the cup for many hours, not to fill the cup but the vagina and forcing it back trough the cervix into the uterus. All this considering that the cup would leak at all. So I told her I thought that would be very very unlikely to happen, but in any case I would double, triple check all the info with different source.

So if any body could give there thought and knowledge about this it would be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance
Have a great day!

intro and weird question

hi! im janet, 27yr old, mom of 1 (via csection), married for almost 4 years.  i just recently bought a large and medium ring stem meluna and used them for the first time last week---IM IN LOVE!! in fact im so in love i want to share with all my female friends...the melunas i ordered from the company came with a sample small one, i told my neice all about cups and gave it to her to use (since there was/is no way a small meluna would work for my period at all!)  but has anyone ever though of having a party to talk about the green menstrual products that are out there for us to use, i feel like so many of my friends would love these options but dont even know about in home party would be fun with some cloth pads and cups available for people to look at and learn about, but that would probably mean me buying a lot of items to have for it and i can't really do that, an online party where i just make a webpage and talk about the options and give links to many of them would be good but i feel like so many of my friends probably wouldnt actually take the time to look up and read everything-they need it to be kinda hands my question is do you think if i contacted manufacturers and told them what im doing, do you think they would send me samples to use? and then maybe if i get enough people to be interested in a particular brand/product that i might be able to put a big order in and get a discount or something?? i dont know im totally throwing stuff out there, but i really want to tell all my friends about the green options that are out there.

Hi. :)

I've been researching menstrual cups for the past months, and just a month ago I decided that I really want one. I've entered all cup giveaway contests that there are for now. :) I'm pretty sure I won't win on any of them, but I might be somewhat lucky this time. :P But because the chance of me winning is pretty low, so I've decided to save money for a cup. I currently have somewhere around 50 dollars.

Anyway, I'm 12, my period started last year, my cervix is 2.4 inches in, and of course I'm a virgin. I've never used a tampon, though. With my very active lifestyle, pads are very hard. I'm thinking about buying either a miacup, a femmecup or a ladycup.

I have to money, but I don't know how to order online. No one sells cups in the Philippines (even tampons are rare), so my only choice is online, but I don't know how to do that. Can anybody help me on how to order online? :))

Thanks in advance! :)