September 9th, 2010

  • octupos

So, my DivaCup is ruined.

Hey everyone.

I had my DivaCup for four years. It saved my life when my periods were so awful that I couldn't go to school (due to an extremely heavy flow).

I loved that thing- I really did. I recently had to toss it due to the most hideous smell radiating from it last night when I was cleaning it in the shower. Usually it had a soft, fragrant smell that wasn't bad at all.

This time, it smelled like rotting meat or something... just a sweet rot mixed in with a dairy farm and burned rubber... it was just horrid. I boiled it, I put it in peroxide, I scrubbed it with soap. I even had it sitting in the top of the bathroom wastebasket and smelled the area again a day later and it had not dissipated one bit!!

I am wondering- did I wear it too long? (20 hoursish)
Could I have some sort of infection/should I see my doctor?
Could it have been saved?
Is it safe to use a cup after it stinks so terribly? (not that I would, but I am wondering.)

Thanks in advance- this is my first post here!

In other news, I ordered a large blue MeLuna to replace it. Hopefully it will not have the same fate. :O

more than 12 hours?

So I'm currently on a three month trip in Mexico, and I'm hoping my cup will make the trip a lot easier. I decided to clean it with bottled water, based on what I've read here, but I'm having problems getting stuff out of the small holes. I tried suctioning the cup (I have a diva cup size 1) to my hadn like someone suggested, but couldn't really do it right. And so, the cleaning process has been a little difficult so far, and I'm feeling very self conscious about it, because none of the other girls here use a cup. I have a really light period, so I was wondering if there would be any problem with me waiting more than 12 hours to change my cup. I left it in for 12 hours yesterday, and it was not even half full. Is there any reason I can't leave it in longer so I don't have to clean it as much, or do people have other suggestions as to how to clean it?

Can't get cup out

I've been using my LadyCup for over a year now, with very few problems.  In fact.. I don't think I've had any problems, until yesterday.

I was in the shower, and for the life of me just could not get my cup out!  I live in a suite on campus, and while we have a 'shower room' large enough for 10 people to stand comfortably in, the actual shower stall is so small I can't even lean over enough to shave my legs.  So, I'm in this tiny stall shower trying to get my cup out and can not do it.  I step out so I can dry my hands and try, and still, nothing.  I'm bending and flexing and pushing in all sorts of positions, and FINALLY, after seriously at least a half hour of struggle, I get it out... to have all of its contest spill all over my roommates white bath rug.  Talk about stressful.

After using salt, stain remover, and throwing it in the wash, the rug is (thankfully) clean.  What the heck happened that I couldn't get it out?  I haven't used my cup since, tbh, out of fear of it happening again :/
Hiro dancing happy

It worked! YAY!

Age: 24
Virgin: no, but have abstained for 3 years
Kids: none

My very first menstrual cup arrived in the mail yesterday. Just in time for the last day of my period. I was SOOO excited!! For all the advice about choosing size carefully, I had NO idea, so ordered a Meluna medium. But what did I get in the mail? Not one, not two, but THREE cups of different size! Wahoo!! So I boiled them up and got to inserting the small.

I had looked at various folds and tried the 7 fold first up, I had NO idea if it had popped open or not. And bear in mind, the only time I fiddle around "down there" is inserting/removing tampons. So this was quite different. But grin and bear it: in goes a finger to go around the seal to check. Everything seems in place, but it's rather far up. Not being particularly comfortable with how far up it was, I thought I'd try taking it out and reinserting it. HA!!

The small Meluna came with the ring, and I could not get any kind of grip on it. I tried for a good 10 minutes too! But I was getting a bit sore and decided to just leave it in over night and tackle it in the morning. So the next day (today), I hop in the shower and go for it. I ended up getting both my pointing fingers up to grab that ring and gently pull how I'd heard described. Success!! And, it's caught stuff!! I have NEVER been excited about menstruating before.

So I gave it a wash in the shower and this time used the punch down fold to get it back in. This afternoon involved a long story with a 2 year old wee-ing everywhere and me requiring another shower at home in the evening, so I get my cup out again, a bit easier this time! Nothing caught, period must be over.

But I just wanted to share my story with everyone and thank you all. I spent SO much time trawling this group for info, tips and tricks before I bought one.
It seems that the small size is right for me (boy am I glad Meluna sent me an extra two!!) but I wanted to finish this with a question: Should I expect to need the medium size at the beginning of my cycle when my flow is heaviest? Do I use a cup based on fit, or flow?

Sorry For The Lunette Glitch-- Fixed! Thank you.

To those browsing for Lunette--  Oh boy!  I'm glad some of you told me about this, because I was wondering why traffic was unusually low this week...  I recently made a change to , replacing the individual buttons for each cup size with single buttons with drop-down menus for size selection.  Unfortunately, while creating the buttons in merchant services, I chose a "buy now" button instead of "add to cart".  This was causing a problem...  People were only able to purchase one item at a time (meaning they could not add several items to their cart). 

Well, I got several emails from people mentioning this.  So I just wanted to let everyone know that the glitch has been fixed, and the website is functioning properly again.  I am very sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you very much for calling attention to this.  I appreciate it!  In the future, please let me know if you notice any such things.