September 4th, 2010

At last - I'm getting somewhere!

Woohoo! I got my cup in for the first time last night!

Little intro: I'm a 20 year old virgin, never even had my finger in there before until this week. I have a very heavy flow, and I'm outdoors a lot without access to a bathroom, so when I decided to purchase a cup I went with the bigger Lunette cup. Bad idea? I guess I'll find out! 

So I got my period last night and was thrilled to finally be able to use my cup (dry runs were a joke). I thought I was *never* going to get it in!! I've never used tampons or anything, though, so I really had no clue how to get anything in down there. I would try for 10 or 15 minutes, get to a point where it was too uncomfortable, then have to take a break for a bit. It only took me a grand total of 3 hours to get it in! lol. I tried 3 different folds and finally had success with the Punch-Down fold. Of course that was only after it popped open halfway in a bunch of times and made me want go running to mommy crying! When I finally got it in I was shaking horribly and thought I might throw up, so I waddled to the couch and plopped down. I could feel it in there but I think it was mostly a mental thing of holy shnikees there's a plastic cup inside me! Although I have to admit I've felt tiny "cramps" of a sort off and on since I got it in last night. Not painful by any means - almost like a suction feeling (like that thing at the dentist!). After I sat motionless on the couch for about 15 minutes I decided that if I moved I wasn't going to hurt, so I got up and started moving around. As of this morning I can't tell I have it in there at all! I think I leaked a little bit but I was expecting that my first time. It's nothing compared to what I would be doing if I hadn't the cup! I haven't tried to take it out yet - I didn't get it in until midnight last night, plus my first day is usually pretty light, so I figure I will wait until lunchtime when I'm awake. I do not wanna deal with that again this morning! LOL. We shall see what happens when I take it out... I can imagine a bit of an ouch! 

I have 3 hours of Karate classes this morning and my sister and I are going to go bike riding this afternoon - that's the real test! If I can ride my bike and it doesn't kill me I will be SOOO happy! 

Anyway just wanted to share a success story. I also wanna say for all the ladies who have yet to try it - if I can do this, you definitely can, too!

2 Meluna cups available!

Hello all! *waves*

Im the girl who does the co-op orders. /grins
I have 2 extra cups available from this past order if anyone is interested:
I have a Medium green ball and a Medium green ring.
Offering them up for $24 a piece, this will include shipping. Both are brand new still in packaging.

Im also opening up another co-op order for those who are interested. Here's the fb page you can learn more about the order:!/pages/New-Orleans-LA/Meluna-cup-co-op-order/121396044559348

And here's my email:
YOu can place an order directly through my email or ask questions either way.
Prices are $20 per cup which will include shipping to US residents.

Just a heads up: my computers ben acting up lately, If I dont answer your email right away, please be sure Ill get to it as soon as I can! :( Sorry yall!

happpy Labor day!

ETA: My computer has been blocking my primary email for some reason unless in safe mode so I made a new email to be used for the cup orders:
Feel free to contact me there! ;)

Miacup Coupon Giveaway


Hello everyone. 

I entered the Miacup giveaway hoping to win a cup; instead I won a 20% discount and free shipping on one cup.  I can't use it, but I would like someone to.  So, I'll email the code and conditions to the first person interested. 



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Cups and general emergencies

We had a major earthquake this morning (about 18 hours ago now)...7.1 on the richter scale. Power, water, sewerage all out for most of the day. We have them back now, but with the caveat of 'we don't know how long they'll last so be frugal.'  The whole city seems to have gotten off quite lightly so far (despite noone having slept since 4.30am and the constant after shocks) - no fatalities reported yet and only 2 serous injuries!

So why is this relevant? My friend was just telling me that it's her 'cup week' and that the cup has been a god send because she didn't have to worry about it at all until the water came back on. Now she's just trying to manage emptying and cleaning the cup with the minimum water use (our tap water must now be considered contaminated until they can determine otherwise).

Even in the aftermath of an earthquake, cups are awesome.