August 30th, 2010

Which Cup To Buy?

Hi. I really want to make the switch to a menstrual cup for health reasons, economical reasons, and environmental reasons. I saw one in Whole Foods a few years back and fell in love with the concept! I bought it on the spot! It was the Keeper, moon cup the natural rubber one. It was before I had my son so I bought size B. It was way too long even with the tip cut off. It came right to the tip of my opening when standing and when sitting it would poke out. It was also extremely uncomfortable and after time painful inside. It was too wide and I could feel it pressing out on my abdomen and in the back part of my uterus. I didn’t leak, and I had a good suction. I tried several times to reinsert it, even when I was not on my period. It just never felt comfortable. I was so disappointed.

I have been reading through the posts and trying to figure out what would be the best cup for me, but really I am even more overwhelmed than before. I never know there were so many options! I would really appreciate a little advice from experienced users, since I am basically a first time user. I am 30 yrs old and have had 1 vaginal birth. I am 5 feet tall and petite inside and out. I have a narrow and short vaginal canal and my cervix is low lying. I have extremely heavy periods. I soak through the largest size ob tampons in an average of 1-3 hrs at my heaviest, which usually lasts a couple of days. What do you think would be the best cup for me and where is the best place to buy that cup? Thank you for all your advice!

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Mooncup is making me sore :(

Hi everyone.

I've just bought a Mooncup and I've been using it for 3 days so far. It works great, doesn't feel uncomfortable, doesn't leak or anything. However, I've begun to noticed that when I'm taking it out it hurts, it's feeling really sore around there. I have size B so no chance of going smaller. Is there a different cup I can get that is a little more flexible or soft and is available to the UK either online or in store?


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I posted something very similar to this on the IUD Diva community, but I figure there's probably more cup experience over here. 

After learning/reading about cups a month before my IUD insertion, I decided to buy a small Lunette Diana (I <3 green!). Unfortunately, I never got to try it out sans IUD, and I was too paranoid for a while post-insertion. Finally, after 2 months, I decided to give it a try. At first, I only wore it a couple of times during menstruation, and only for a few hours. I'd only put it in if I knew I had plenty of time to take it out slowly and carefully.

Since this period started on Friday night, I decided to wear my cup more regularly. Success! I checked the strings every time, and everything seemed a-ok, and I got really comfortable getting it out. I decided to wear it to work today--a first for me. I popped it in this morning with no problems, but literally 2.5 hours later, I went to the bathroom and was horrified at the blood! Some had already leaked out into my underwear, and when I took out the cup, it was at least 2/3rds of the way full (it may have been more, since I might have spilled in the process). It was all such a mess, I just threw on an emergency pad and left the cup out.

I just went to the bathroom (5 hours later) and I'm bleeding like mad. Soaked through the pad already! I checked my strings and they seem fine. I definitely don't feel any IUD sticking out. But now I'm terrified that the cup did something to the IUD and has triggered this crazy bleeding (and may have affected it's efficacy).
Is that likely? Maybe I jostled it or something? Is that even possible? Could there be another cause for what seems to be increased bleeding? Should I make an appointment with my Ob/Gyn? (It's a huge hassle to get appointments with her!) I wish I wasn't such a newbie with my cup (and my IUD) so I'd know whether this was something to get worked up about. :P I'm reallly careful with my strings and breaking the seal, but it's kind of hard to tell what's actually going on up there sometimes! Thoughts? Thanks!