August 24th, 2010


I want to use the diva cup.  I bought one and did a little trial earlier today.  Now, I've read a lot of the posts on here - and feel relieved that I'm not alone in my paranoia about loosing the cup, not being able to remove it ect...  I did put it in, with surprising ease!  I was very surprised!  I do NOT know my body really at most women know their bodies?  I've been a sole pad user.  I've tried tampons in the past and liked them...but never went back. (no reason really).

Anyways, so I've had 2 children so I bought the size 2.  My main question is:  since you can trim the diva's end to fit you better ect... could I make a little hole in it and attach a string to subdue my paranoia of loosing it?  I'm emarrased to ask, but I may as well.

Questions before buying

Hello, I've been reading posts here for maybe a month and I'm planning on buying a cup in a week or so. Thanks to this community I'm not nervous about it at all, I just wanted to clear a few minor things up first. Background, in case it's relevant: I'm 18, not a virgin, I have a relatively light flow throughout my period (I've never had a problem with the slender regular tampons I use filling up or leaking, even when they're in for the maximum amount of time).

I found my cervix. It seems to be about 3.5 inches in most of the time (I can just feel it with the tip of my longest finger), and it seems like when I'm on my period it's either about the same or even higher? I've read that the cervix usually lowers during your period, am I just weird or am I doing something wrong? And does this mean that I have relatively high cervix?

And, based on all of this, does a DivaCup (size 1) sound okay for me? I've been planning on getting a Diva because they're the cheapest and most readily available to me, and I see no reason that it wouldn't suit my needs just as well as a more expensive cup.

Any comments or answers to make my cup experience go more smoothly would be greatly appreciated. :)

YUCK...sorry for the rant

At my school we've been back to campus for three days now, and you know it's bad when you need to talk to your (male) RA. Since all three days there has been menstrual blood on either the floor, toilet seat, or both.

And the disturbing part is that these girls use tampons and the occasional pad and yet end up with blood all over the stall, and I use a cup mess-free. The same thing happened last year and I was blamed for it since I use a cup, a sign was even put up telling me what sink I was allowed to rinse in until I complained and it was taken down the next night (the girl who was an EMT was the one who had the sign put up in the first place since it was "unsanitary"?!).

My question is what to do if the RA talks to them and it happens again, or if he doesn't and it happens. Or if they found out I was the one who complained and they decide to give me a rough time over them getting a lecture. I'm finding it hard to not talk to them myself but my goal is to avoid confrontation this year, and it is even harder due to the fact that I am very positive about menstruation and plan to continue in depth research on the topic...