August 22nd, 2010

  • vmars7

Is it bad for air to get in upon insertion?

 I'm aware that you want to hear air come out when you remove it because it means the seal was tight.  Forgive me if this sounds like common sense, but that means it's ok for air to get it when you insert it, right?  When I insert it I hear some air getting in and I'm afraid that means the seal isn't tight and might cause leaking.

Ordering a Fleur cup in the U.S.?

I've been thinking of getting a Fleur cup since it has the same dimensions as my Lunette, but with a higher capacity. When you order a cup from overseas in the United States, do you have to jump through any hoops or do anything different to get it or is it just like ordering from a U.S. distributor? I was planning on buying from the company. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've never had to buy anything directly from a different country before. 
wolf's rain

Small LilacCup doesn't stay in place :(

Hey, all. It's been a while since I posted. Need some help once again. I'm now a newlywed, been married for 3 weeks now. Cycle started up late last week (Wednesday-Thursday) and I thought I'd use my small LilacCup, seeing I'm now much more comfortable with inserting something into me. However, when I'm sitting on the john and then stand up and walk around, the cup doesn't bother me. It's when I'm lying down trying to sleep, it starts to move. Thursday morning, I woke up to a mess because apparently the cup moved and didn't stay in place. Ewww.

So right now I'm now thoroughly convinced the small LilacCup isn't for me because it doesn't fit. Is there something I missed in the insertion steps? Which one best fits me now? Is there a size/style that's smaller than a small LadyCup? Until I know, tampons and I are becoming fast friends. Thanks!

extra cups?

so my roommate recently gave me her divacup because she used it once and didn't like it, but i am IN LOVE with it. i basically am addicted to cups!

i keep trying to get my friends to try them, but they are expensive and sound weird. so i was wondering if any of you have extra cups you don't use anymore or don't like and would want to get rid of, because i want to try out other kinds and i want to be able to let friends that are interested try them without having to buy one. i hope this isn't an inappropriate post, obviously i do want to support cup companies, i just can't right now and i figured that there might be some cups lying around getting no love.