August 21st, 2010

do cups aggravate yeast infection prone women?

I am in the process of educating an acquaintance about menstrual cups. She informed me that she has rather sensitive vagina and vaginal region.  In order to prevent a perpetual yeast infection, hives, and inflammation she had to stop using detergent for washing her underwear and can only use hot water.

She expressed concern over how her body might react to washing a cup with soap. I want to know whether I should tell her that the cup washes produced by the cup companies are mild enough not to be irritating.  I have no experience with the cup washes; my body tolerates all kinds of hand soap that I use to clean my cup with and I have never experienced any type of vaginal infection.  I also plan to tell her that some choose to simply rinse their cups with water and boil.

I notice that there are a lot of posts on this community about yeast and bacterial infections. Do cups aggravate women who are prone to infections?  I want to tell her that cups are beneficial to her vaginal health... but I am starting to doubt whether that's true for those susceptible to infections.

Should I also recommend cloth pads to her?
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Instead Leaking

I've been thinking about switching to a cup for some time, so this summer I decided to try instead soft cups while I decided if I really did want a cup and what kind. I've had no problem inserting or removing or feeling it while its in. The only thing has been leaking, like enough that i have to wear a pad. I read that I could have a small vagina (which could make sense to me) and so it isn't really staying put. What kind of suggestions would y'all have for a smaller than average vagina? And one that's easy to clean (for someone living in a dorm)?

Even the measurements of an instead cup would be helpful.