August 18th, 2010

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Hey there fellow cup users,

I have been on a world-wide trip for a while and started my cup use while on my South American travels.  Thankfully I started learning to use a cup in large cities with potable water for rinsing but have now recently been in places where I have to rely on bottle water for rinsing.

When I first started using bottled water to rinse I was like "Wha?  How do I..." but now have developed a technique that makes cleaning (especially the holes) with bottled water easier and thought I'd share it here for others that might be like "wha?  How do I..."
  • Open bottle before removal (harder to open when you are holding a messy, slippery cup)
  • Remove and empty cup
  • Pour water into the cup to fill it to the rim
  • Swish finger around the inside of cup to loosen parts on the edges
  • Empty water
  • Fill the cup again
  • Place palm over the top of the cup and create a seal
  • Squeeze.  This blasts the water through the whole cleaning them out.  You can turn the cup upside down if you wish before squeezing.  This needs to be done somewhere that squirting water is not an issue.  I tend to hold it down in the sink.
  • Turn the cup upside down and pour water over the stem and let it run down the outside of the cup. (this also cleans the hollow stem for me)
  • Voila! Clean cup.

If I'm running low on water, I use the first fill of water to do the squeeze thing to clean the holes as well.

Hope that helps give anyone who needs ideas of how they can deal without potable tap water. 

Beginner questions

My Lunette Diana (2) arrived! Just a couple of noob questions:
1) Should I boil it straight out of the box, or will a warm water wash suffice?
2) gosh it's big! I had a quick look at the folds but is there a concesus that one fold is more manageable than the others, or is it individual taste?
3) is there a rule of thumb for often I should check it on my first cycle? I don't really wanna try taking out at work, which means waitig at least four hours...but I don't want to leak either :s

Any other newbie advice would be appreciated!!

The use of the cup as a pessary (?)

Hello to all of you :))

Lately, I reread a topic from last year, "Positive Feedback" =,
in which fireaphid evoked a lady's experience. This woman was advised by her doctor to use the cup as a pessary.

On the French EasyCup forum, three ladies are having problems with their MCUK (and even with the shorter MeLuna cup), since during their periods, their cervix rides very low and the cup protudes outside the entrance of the vagina :(...

I just saw serpent_849 posted an entry about an identical issue.
So I'll definitively have a look at your opinions and suggestions for her..

I hope my present post isn't polluting the LJ, but I would love to get to read the lady's account of her pessary-cup, as it could certainly be beneficial to other women ;-D.

Kisses !^^
& Thanks, in advance.