August 17th, 2010

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Making cervix move higher for insertion?

Cinderella turned into a pumpkin...

The first three days of my period went greatly, insertion/removal took at most a little over a minute. I had a vague feeling that my cervix was a little more than 1 cm in (like it was for the whole previous period), but I thought I had maybe counted wrong and it's 1cm from the pubic bone. WRONG. After an even smoother than usual removal (i had watched the videos again, you notice things you wouldn't pay attention to before trying a cup), I suddenly couldn't insert it at all, my cervix was right at the pubic bone. (to make it worse, my hymen has indeed ALTERED and part of it feels like the tip of my cervix... i freaked out)

Anyway I had very slight bleeding, and by the end of the next day I was kinda disappointed in cloth pads (although they're still 53954978x better than disposables! but cups are better) and i realized my period wasn't going away just yet... and after LOTS of pushing i inserted the cup, took a while before it was no longer poking out of me. However when i took it out several hours later, i really just couldn't insert it again,i could only let it open very low and it hurt and wouldn't go further :((((

I've seen mentions of making your cervix go a little higher for insertion, how do you do that? Masturbation? :/ I noticed my cervix got a tiny bit higher while standing but i couldn't get it in in that position...

Also, this happened on a light day, in fact if i had only disposables available i would just free bleed. I think it's not typical for the cervix to go down on lighter days? On the first one I inserted the cup before the bleeding started, can this somehow have kept my cervix higher?

I also couldn't help thinking that if I had a small meluna this could be easier... I'll be going off hbc soon, I'll see whether this makes any difference and whether i even get some days that are light enough for such a tiny cup... there aren't new melunas without stems, right? how soft are they? i think my bladder is sensitive, but at least my lunette is perfectly comfortable for me... does anyone have photos of small black or violet melunas? i can't seem to find on their site :/ i love the frosted texture of my cup so if i do decide, i'll get one of these new ones.

Btw is it even possible to wash your outer ladybits with soap before (re)inserting a cup? no matter how much i wash it off i feel it'll get on the cup, so i'm washing just with water carefully. i don't feel dirty like i used to when i used disposables anyway (;
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Cup pouches galore

I thought i'd share the way i store my cups as i'm interested in how others store theirs ^^
I'm using gum ball balls as i travel a lot as just cloth pouches would squish my dear cups. This way, they retain their form AND i think they look cute ^^ Like little pressies :D
They have airholes in them too so they can breathe freely!
I have one non-see through ball for the one in my handluggage or i put the ball in a cute bag.
How do u peeps travel with your cups?

Ps. green = Medium Meluna
red = Small Fleur
blue = Small Meluna

oh. my. GOD!

 I can not wait for my MeLuna to arrive. I tried a Diva about a year ago and loved it in theory, it was just way too long for me.

For years I have been using O.b. tampons.  For years I have not had a complaint about them, and the major motivating factor to get a cup is cost.   But today. ew, today.

I finished my period Saturday night and have not used a tampon since then.  I just went to the bathroom and...TMI Warning!!...a CHUNK of bloody tampon just came out when I wiped!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond disgusted!  It was the tampon was a little dry when i took it out and part of it pulled of.


I'm over it.  Can't wait for my cup!