August 14th, 2010


Another happy cup user here!

Hi everyone!

This is my third period with my beloved MeLunas (L and M with ballstem) and I thought it was about time to share my experience. Some facts you might know about me:
- I'm 34;
- I've never gave birth;
- I'm not a virgin;
- I'm on the VERY heavy flow side, both day AND night.

Plus, I'm Italian. And here in Italy when you say "Menstrual cup" you always, ALWAYS get an "Ewwww! Gross!" as an answer/first comment. Sigh. I discovered them while buying some washable napkins for a friend on a local website, from where I got my MeLunas. Go figure, got scared by the suction on my first dry run (nearly ripped my insides pulling hard without breaking the seal first), but things got better very fast and here I am, happy for not having to bear with wet, smelly pads anymore, especially during summer. :-)

And now first a small suggestion then a question. Suggestion: to be sure my cup is fully open, once in I give it a light squeeze at the base while pushing it up a little more and I always feel it pop open (I use the punch down fold as it works better for me). Don't know if it has been posted before, but I though right to share. :-)
Question: since my flow is really heavy on the first two days (I have to empty my cup every two ours or it's overflow guaranteed) and since I'm pretty sure my cervix is sitting in my cup taking up lots of space and leading to some serious leaking, I'm thinking about getting a large Fleurcup. Thanks to the Cup Size Charts , I found out the Fleurcup has one of the highest capacities, but my question is: is it as comfortable as the MeLuna? Personally, I don't like the stem, but I think I can cut it off if it comes to poke me. I'd also love to know if the Fleurcup is on the soft or firm side (softer/firmer then a MeLuna).
And if someone could point out what is the best colour that doesn't get easily stained, it would be a great help too. :-)

Sorry for the long post, cheers!