August 11th, 2010

Is my Vagina too loose for my cup????

 Hi. I'm Ashley. I'm really glad I found your site because I have a big problem with my Diva Cup, it is really upsetting me. I just turned 20 years old and I have never had children before. So I got the size one diva cup that is for women under 30 who have not had children. But today when I bring it home I put it in, I have done a lot of research and I can tell it opens all the way and I'm pretty happy but after about a half hour I realize it's leaking! There was just a little bit inside of the cup the other blood was all outside the cup and all on the outside of my vagina, like the cup was too small so the blood just came out anyways. I'm guessing my vagina is just too big for the cup or something? Because I guess I have this problems with tampons too. I'll put a tampon in and it will leak not long afterwards, and I'll take it out and there will still be white parts on it! So...even though I just turned 20 I guess I have a vagina of a 30 year old or a vagina of someone who's already given birth? I don't know if the bigger one will even be any different really...I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone else has this problem or am I the only one with a loose vagina at this young age? Does this effect sex too? I know this board isn't about that but it's really just upsetting me.
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Leave my cavernous votex, you wretched silicone Satan!

There is an enormous cup. Stuck in my vagina. And it's starting to freak me out more than a little. I'm not sure how articulate this will be, for every time I ask my brain to provide me with words, all it does is scream "ASHDJKG VAGINAAAA" at me.

All right then, I'm sixteen, and I've had a DivaCup stuffed into  my vag for about nine hours now. After much trouble, I finally got the fucker to cram its way up there. So I think, "all right, I'll just leave it in there for tonight, and yank it out before work tomorrow. " Uh... more words, let's see...I'm not sure if I'm actually on my period, but yesterday I was leaking this milky bloody sort of stuff--WHOA TMI-- so I figure it's a brilliant idea to give the Diva a shot, as I've had it for over a year and only managed to stick it up there once prior to this (and took it out like 10 minutes after)

Now i cannot get the thing out. It's moved back like a mile since last night, where I could feel the stem like a centimetre in. I can now feel the stem about two inches in, and I can touch the base, but only on the top of it, if that makes sense. Like, I can't move my finger all the way around it. I can't fit both my index and thumb in to grab the stem, just my index finger and that is doing diddly-fucking-squat (Jesus, is everyone's vagina so damn meaty?).

I'm as bloody relaxed as I can get, I've tried continuely bearing down while fishing around up there, I even peed a little in the tub, if you must know. I'd rather off myself and let them remove the damn thing during the autopsy than enlist the help of another human being, so I'm gonna scratch that off the list of potential solutions.

I know I'm no where near the time-frame where I should start worrying, but I can't not. Haaaaalp LJ, I'm all whiny and cry-ee.

Sorry; mucho profanity. That's me trying to be a big girl. :(

edit;  Thanks for answering, guys. So I've pushed hard enough to expel several of my internal organs, and I think it's getting closer to the bottom. I think I might be able to get it out after work. I actually haven't even taken the suction into account, but once I get a grip of that fucker I'm gonna pull as hard as I bloody can, regardless of whether my intestines come with it. I can't get it out while squatting, 'cause I think the stem like, goes behind my hymen or something. I left it alone for now, 'cause my vag is starting to look like a dehydrated sea creature (seriously, I never realized what a disgusting orifice it is.) I found some disposable gloves, but they smelled like flowers or baby powder or something, so I didn't think that was very safe.

I told my supervisor (she's only a couple years older, we're pretty tight), and she thinks it's the single most hilarious thing she's ever heard.
I also told my best friend, who also laughed her ass off, and told me to 'take a dump and see if it falls out'.
...Truly, I'm surrounded by scholars. :/

My sister uses a cup, but she's a lot older than me, and the thought of her knuckle-deep in my snatch makes me want to vomit.

We'll see. D:
nathan and kelly
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Lost in a sea of cups

Hey Everyone.

I've been reading alot from the site for a few months because of curiosity. At first I wasn't sure about the idea of using a cup but now that I'm on my period I know that I don't want to experience the feelin of a pad or stiff tampon anymore. So I've decided to start my quest for a menstrual cup. So here's the info I've gathered for you guys:
20 years old
virgin, uses tampons (reg-supers)
first few days of period are heavy but my entire cycle lasts about 7 days..ugh
Ive done some vagina measurin and my first day of my period i was a little less than 2.5 inches
Today its about 2ish.
From the research Ive done I really like the Lunette and Fleurcup (the smalls) because of their capacity and size. The only problems is Idk if this would be a good fit. I'm frightened of gettin it stuck up there. But if I were to get a cup that were small, would leaving the stem help? Ive just read alot about how people find them uncomfortable thus removing them. The closer I am to making a decison, I read more and get more undecisive. There are just so many cups to choose from.If there are any other cups that sound like a good fit let me know. I appreciate all the replies. Thanks!

EDIT: will small lunette or fleurcup be okay or should I got with large? and also I'm really struggling with this decision lol since they basically have the same dimensions.
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Diva cup won't stay in

Hi guys

I was so excited when I finally got my Diva cup the other day as it took a couple of weeks to arrive. I had my periods when it arrived so used it right away. I am having so much trouble with it. I can insert it fine but it just won't stay in. I found my cervix and believe it is quite low as I didn't seem to have to put my fingers in too far to find it. I can feel all around it and know it has opened up properly. I can turn it right round (although I find it a little difficult doing this as I don't seem to have too much room with my fingers in there too). My problem is the minute I move the thing just seems to get pushed out. I am 35 and have had two children vaginally so have the size 2. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips as I am starting to get very frustrated.




I am considering leading a workshop about menstrual cups. I created a zine a little bit ago for a class, and it needs updating. I included information about ALL the cups, but figured it would be better to include only cups available in the U.S. (takes up less room, makes more practical sense.)

What I need to know is what cups are available for purchase in the U.S.? Is there already a list compiled? Or is this something I might have to contribute to the community? And is there a list of all the places to purchase the various cups? I want something comprehensible.

Also, I need more free cups to display!! I've already got the Lunette, Ladycup, and Femmecup. Does anyone have any they would like to donate or know of companies willing to send some for workshop purposes?

Also, when I get the zine updated, I will definitely share it with you ladies to share with all your friends and for you to leave around!
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 Hi there,

I've started to make videos about menstrual cups.
Just two basic ones for a start.
But it's fun and there will be more ;o)

menstrual cups
manual of use

And for those who missed it: is my old website. The new one is:


Easy and cheap activism

Hi all,

I had this brilliant idea the other day to order 250 of the "free" (not including shipping) business cards from Vistaprint, which I made with the website on it and a little bit of info about how awesome cups are.  I think they came out really cute!  I figured I'll carry a couple around with me so in case someone who I am talking with is interested in them, I can give them something to refer back to later to find out more info; or I could secretly leave one in a ladies' room.  If any of you would be interested, I am happy to mail 25 of them out to the first 9 responders in the US who can paypal me $1 to cover my costs (that ends up breakeven for me, given the cost of shipping at Vistaprint and the cost of first class postage).

If interested, e-mail me at at gmail dot com and I will give you my paypal address.