August 9th, 2010

Pad and cup clearout :)


I've had a bit of a clearout of pads and cups I dont want or havent ever used. 

Left to right :
Jungle print handsewn maxi/night pad no PUL  unworn
Spider pring as above
Butterfly Cindys cloth maxi pad with PUL worn once during non flow 
Spots Minkee regular pad with PUL in good condition the white is still quite bright
Thong liners have no PUL and are in GC :) only 1 purple and 1 red left ! no pink left
and MCUK size B with 1cm of stem left and pouch in GC 

offers welcome 

now for the gritty stuff , i've only had one partner who in turn has had one partner :) so its unlikely im diseased lol 


Cups and Crises

Hubby had a bad crash on Friday and wound up in the Trauma ICU -- just in time for the floodgates to open for me.

Lunette to the rescue!

No worries about hauling a boatload of disposables.  No worries about discarding/wasting a partially filled tampon in favor of a new one cos "When will I have another bathroom opportunity?"  Just dump and go, no matter how full or empty it was.  Lemme tell ya, it made a difficult time a LOT easier.  One less thing to worry about.

As for hubby, he'll be OK eventually.  Lots of broken bones so it'll just take time.

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes for his speedy recovery.

He had surgery on Sunday and they kept him fully sedated until about noon on Monday. And hours later, there already was a HUGE improvement in his condition from the other day. I'll be happy with baby steps the rest of the way... :o)

And having a cup made having to deal with everything else so much easier. This was definitely a "kiss my cup" cycle.

I can FINALLY afford a menstrual cup! (hooray!)

I have been saving for months for an Iriscup!  I'm sixteen and without a job- I've been tempted to ask for a loan from my 7 year old sister (who is far richer than I)  :D. But finally the long wait is over, and my cup curiosities are soon to be satisfied.
Just thought that I'd make my first post in this wonderful community, to share my joy. (Even though I technically don't have a cup yet.) :)

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Small yuuki for sale?

 Hi all!

I'm wondering (as the title suggests) if anybody has a small Yuuki for sale? If not, does anybody have any other small cups for sale? I have a large Fleurcup and a large MCUK, but I would like a small cup as well. 

Thanks in advance!

New Videos And Other Recent Developments

I have been sooooo busy lately, but I wanted to get these up and posted before I leave for my mom’s house tonight.  I got a large Yuuki and Large Fleur cup a little while ago (donations for the videos and sites).  I‘m pretty sure I posted the updates for the photo libraries, but I finally got around to putting them on video too, for a better look.  I’m putting the links below, for everyone.  Also, I found a really good water-based, glycerin-free lube so I made a video about that too, with some tips, just for fun. 

Also, I’ve already told everybody on Facebook, and in my forum and blogs.  But I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not-- Caron (the U.S. head of distributions for Lunette) called me on the phone a while back and we had a very interesting talk.  I told her I was interested in being “more involved” with the menstrual cup movement.  So she sent me some distributor contracts.  I signed them and I am now a Lunette distributor, woohoo!!  I feel a lot better knowing that I’m more directly bringing cups into people’s lives, besides just videos and websites.  And as a distributor now, I have more backing in spreading the word.  Its like being part of a successful team that’s all about cups, so it’s a great feeling.  I put up an online store and everything (hope that’s ok to mention):

And as promised, here are the links to the new videos:    

Large Fleurcup:

Large Yuuki:

Lunette Diana:


Clear small ladycup for sale (cheaper)

I am selling my clear small ladycup as it is just not for me. I have tried it for 5 minutes once but did not like it. It has been sitting in a drawer eversince. I have thoroughly sterilised it (boiled and soaked in milton tablets over night). It comes with a pink pouch, instructions and the remaining milton tablets (25 tablets).  I am 26 years old, no kids, no STDs or other disease. Non smoking etc.. Would like around 25 US dollars for it which does include shipping from Europe to the US. I will post worldwide, just contact me for a quote in your currency. Payment through paypal please.

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