August 7th, 2010

Jay and Silent Bob DANCE!

Found my cervix! Ha! :)

I'm not even sortof close to my period, but I finally did feel my cervix. (Legs spread FAR apart, sitting on the toilet.) So NOW, I have no idea if the thing is considered high or low. But I know that it is what I found. It was... different. Before I was feeling nothing. (I also tried with my middle finger this time. *lol* I guess that and the wide legs helped!) Do I need to use this stance when putting the cup in? If so... er... I can't do it with pants on! *lol*


 Ok, so yesterday I finally got my small blue LadyCup. It was WAY smaller than what I was expecting, so it releived me some. I didn't have the time or privacy to boil it, so I just intensely wiped it with rubbing alcahol with cotton balls... Do I nessecarily need to boil it? Well, I figured that what I did was ok enough, so I gave it a try at putting it in... My fingers were in the way... So I guess what I'm asking is that where and how, do I position my fingers when inserting? I tried the punch-down fold and  of course, my fingers got in the way, but I was pushing it in, until all of a sudden, my  finger lost a centimeter on the hold of the cup, and the folded part of the cup sprung out and thwacked me... Ow.. Traumatizing experience... Please help! (Oh yeah, these have been dry runs)

EDIT: I threw the cup in a mug of water and put it in the microwave. Is that kind of simulating the effects of boiling? Thanks.

EDIT2: OH. MY. GOD. That had to be one of the most painful experiences of my life. I think that I RIPPED my hymen apart... It had already had one small hole... But this was UNBEARABLE. I pulled and pulled. I beared and beared. I sweated and sweated. I cried and cried. I kept squeezing the bottom of the cup and I think the suction DID break, but the hole in my hymen was SO small. I finally just shoved a finger in and it ripped... WORST. FEELING. EVER. I used the triangle fold... It opened amazingly, and I tried to take it out. (When not on my period, my cervix must JUMP up... it goes from 1 1/2 inches in, to FIVE 1/2 inches in.. So I didn't want to do that... I am SO FREAKING SORE. Do you think it will be less painful now that that dreaded hymen was ripped? I hope so... Now I think that if I give birth ever, I WANT MEDS.


 My first time using my cup went pretty well but I  still have a few questions.

General qs

1. I'm pretty sure a seal was made when I put the cup in, but there was still some blood on the backup pad that I wore....What are the plausible causes of this??

2. Am I removing the cup right if I'm bearing down, doing a kegel so that the cup's stem comes out a little more and then pulling the stem/squeezing the cup to release the 

Cleaning Qs

My mom would really prefer me to NOT clean my cup by boiling it in a pan on the We've discussed various cleaning methods and I was wondering which could work....

1. boiling the cup in a mug in the microwave
2. Cleaning the cup using baking soda somehow? (my mom suggested this...I don't even know how this would be done)
3. Cleaning the cup with vinegar (I was worried this would damage the silicon)

These were the only options I could really think of, but we are trying to come up with a cheap way to clean the cup. Any suggestions on ways to clean that are cheap?? (also, I would love for this way of cleaning to be conspicuous for when I go to college but that's not essential)


Homemade cloth pads

I thought I'd share some cloth pads I have made this past week. Every one of these are hand sewn (my fingers are raw LOL!). It probably would have been faster to use a sewing machine, but I for the life of me cannot work a sewing machine. XD I had a ton of fun picking out the patterns and making these. I have a couple of pads that are leftovers that I may give away to a friend. If she wishes to not take them, I'm thinking of donating them. Anyways, here's some pictures of my new cloth pads, most of them are day-time pads. I have a few overnight ones and am planning to make more overnight pads in the future when I have the time and energy.