August 6th, 2010

Meluna Leaks...Diva falls out!!

I was so happy when I got my Meluna! It fit and was really comfortable. But, it leaks! I have to wear a liner. I got a medium. I do have a Diva. I think it is a size 2. The one for women who have had a child. My problem with the Diva is that it poked me and tended to fall out all the time I always felt it, even with the stem cut off. . Not the case with the Meluna. It stays put and doesn't move around at all. But the problem with leaking is driving me crazy! 

I think my cervix is pretty low. I can reach it easily with my index finger. There is quite a bit of suction with the Meluna, I can break it easily but definitely more suction than the Diva. I don't have a heavy flow so I don't know that my cervix is taking up alot of the cup and the leaks is oactually verflow. But it seems like it just isn't all going into the cup??  There is stuff in the cup but also leaking on the outsides. I don't know what is the problem. Any suggestions??

Sort of like Diva, trouble with Lunette, what cup should I use?

Hi there, This is my first post but I have been lurking for a looooong time. I am 31 with 2 kids and I've been using the Diva (whichever is the one for those with kids, 2?) for about 18 months. It's pretty good but I had to trim the stem all the way off so it didn't poke me. I can usually get it in all the way, but sometimes it feels like it's falling out. I have to really jam it in to get it to where I can't feel it sometimes. I also have trouble getting it to open up on occasion, though I *think* I have figured that out. Usually I don't have leakage, but sometimes it will randomly leak a little even when it's not full. Maybe this is normal? It just doesn't seem perfect and the way all you ladies talk about your cups I keep thinking there must be something better out there?

So I tried the Lunette, pretty sure it's a large since I have kids, I probably got that one. I tried it through one cycle and had lots of trouble. It's quite stiff, compared to the Diva, so when I have it all the way in, it presses on my bladder and makes me feel like I have to pee. It is hard to get it to open up and the stem (which I haven't trimmed) sometimes pokes me a lot. Feels like a pinch. I thought maybe I would try to sell it so I haven't trimmed it. Then when I take it out the suction is so strong I feel like I may pull my uterus down or something weird like that.

So, that said, should I just stick with my Diva and deal with the issues (which are not nearly as bad as tampon/pad issues)? Is there something you just KNOW would work for me that I should try? Anyone want to buy/trade for my Lunette? Thanks for the help!