August 3rd, 2010

First time user....

Today I finally decided to buy a cup. I had been toying with the idea for a long time, and upon starting my period, realizing I was completely out of tampons, and deciding that I was tired spending $10 to $15 on feminine hygiene products a month, not counting ruined bedding and clothing, I made the choice.

I went to my local health food store, and got a Diva, size 1. Im 18, a virgin, and I absolutely love it.

I hadn't really read much of this community in regards to newbies/virgins, and didn't really do the baby step thing. I bought it, cleaned it, and inserted it.

Here are my experiences thus far:

I put it in, it opened right away and was fine. I went and did house work, yard work, and basic lounging around and couldn't even tell that I had it in. Seriously, didn't feel it at all.

Took a shower about 4-5 hours later, removed it for the first time, and it was super easy. I had been really worried about removing it, because it had migrated pretty far up there, and I had a brief moment of panic. Once I calmed myself down, it was easy and there was no splattering whatsoever.

I'm getting ready for bed now, again, about 4 hours later, and that was the real test: if I could remove it to empty it outside of the shower, without making the bathroom look like a murder scene. I had no problem. I removed it, emptied it, rinsed it, and reinserted it within two minutes.

The ease of use may have been because I have always used tampons, have the ability to relax on demand, and have a heavy, heavy flow, which made things fairly well lubricated. (not to be crude)

I will edit this post tomorrow morning, with my overnight experience- if it doesn't leak, I will be the happiest woman in the world.

I found my cervix!

Hi guys,
I posted a while back with some newbie questions :) my period came today and with some exploration I think I finally found my cervix! It felt smooth and there was a little dip in the middle when I moved my finger side to side, does that sound right? Well it wasn't there yesterday, lol. I still had to push my finger in up to the hilt, so I think I'm going to go with a size 2 (large) Lunette Diana. If anyone using a large Lunette has feedback that'd be awesome :)

EDIT: also, a question that's been bugging me; I've read posts where people talk about their cups leaking heavily and 'missing' the cup. My understanding was that the cup formed a seal with your vaginal wall, and so any blood would *have* to end up in the cup. What am I missing?