July 31st, 2010

Cartoon Me 3



I was suggested yesterday that I should try my diva cup inside out, since it was too long for me. The cup fit perfectly.

Unfortunately, however, I can't seem to get it out.

I've tried pulling it out with my right (dominant) index and middle finger while squatting, standing, and inclining. I also tried pulling it out with right and left index fingers. I can't get a grip on it, though, and the suction is hard to overcome. I tried to push it out, but it's stuck right behind the pubic bone. I tried putting a finger between the pubic bone and the cup so I can push it out easily, but it's not working.

How should I pull it out?

ETA: I pulled it out! I used the sides of my left index and middle finger to grip the cup, wriggled it to the side, and pushed. The whole process makes me sore, though, possibly because some tissues of my hymen is intact.

Air Force

Hey guys!
I promise I'm not a spammer. I only joined LJ for this community--you guys have been the best support and advice-givers ever, and you didn't even know it!
My question is this--does anybody know if Air Force Basic Training will allow me to use my Diva Cup. It works great for me, I'd rather use that than pads or tampons since I have to worry about it a lot, lot less, and it's just more comfortable for me. And I figure any amount of comfort I can have is good because I'll have T.I.'s making every other aspect of my life stressful.
Anyone have any clue about this? 

Is the sm. miacup a good cup? And a questions about the Lrg lunette?

I've been meaning to buy one, and so I've been looking for reviews but there aren't that many; So could anyone who's used the miacup help me with these Q's?

How well does the sm. miacup work?
What are the pros and cons?
How much does it hold to the second rim (I have a low cervix, so that's the highest I can fill my cups, usually)?
Would you recommend it?
How big is the lrg miacup?

And about the lrg. lunette: How much can it hold to the second rim (again because of my low cervix)?

Also, how stiff is it? I've seen the squishiness charts (thx melissa!), but is the cup still really flexible?

Thank You!