July 25th, 2010


New here

Hi Folks!
New to this comm and to the idea of cups, but I'm quite interested in getting one. Couple of questions though;
a) I'm in Australia, I'm not sure what the availibility is of the different brands? Anyone here from Oz?
b) I decided to go hunting for my cervix the other day and I think I found it but I'm not sure. Should it feel like it's about the size of your fingertip? I've heard the 'tip of your nose' comparisons but I'm not sure if that's to indicate size or texture. Also, it felt quite deep, my finger was in to the hilt; is that probable? I've yet to locate it during my period.

Thanks a bunch!

Only constant disadvantage to cup use?

I was in my hotel room today and had my cup in even though I wasn't expecting my period for four more days. I was standing up in the bathroom to take out my cup, and was pretty relaxed because I thought it was empty. I got it out and dropped it because it was slippery. Blood. All over the bathroom floor. Luckily I was by myself so I didn't have to explain to my aunt how blood got all over the floor, but it was still annoying to clean up. Am I just a mega-klutz and this never happens to anyone else, or is this the only constant disadvantage to using a cup?

Photos for my article?

Hello! Here's a pretty new how-to I put together:
How to Choose a Menstrual Cup

And I was thinking it would be nice to have a little blurb about each cup and a picture. However I only have one cup to take pictures of, and all pics on wikiHow have to be freely licensed (with the Creative Commons License). I was wondering if anyone would donate some of their images fore use in the article? If you post below, please include brand and size. I'll be sure to credit you on the image page. Oh and feel free to link me to old posts with pics if you don't feel like putting the image here. Thanks! :)

P.S. I already have instead pics. I also have keeper, MCUK, lunette, and diva but idk what size they are...

P.P.S. Even if someone has already posted pics of your cup(s), multiple colors would be nice too.
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How Much Do You Bleed?

From 2 different sites:

The average blood loss during menstruation is 35 millilitres with 10-80 mL considered normal.

Though it may look like a lot, the average amount of blood is only about 2 tablespoons (30 milliliters) for an entire period.

My Diva Cup has a milliliter measurement on the side, showing where the 7.5 and 15mL marks are. I JUST measured in a separate container to be absolutely sure (because I wear mine inside out), and yeah, the measurements are right. The 15mL mark isn't at the top, so I measured also how much it is when my cup is the normal fullness. 17mL.

Yesterday my period started. I was using the MeLuna (about 7mL capacity) to wait for it to begin, and emptied that. The rest of the day and night and today, I've emptied my very full Diva cup 6 times. Once it was in the middle of the night so I didn't get to measure. The 8th time it was at 7mL. I just emptied another 5mL out.


I don't particularly care what x is; it's the one I emptied in the middle of the night. Probably half full. Anyway, even if I don't count that one, 121mL is a FAR cry from the 30-35mL average. That's like three times average.

I'm not worried because this is normal for me, and I have never tested anemic, but whenever the doctors ask if I have heavy periods, I always say no. I've just never actually kept TRACK before. The menstrual cup is so great that I sometimes forget I HAVE my period, so it never occurred to me that it might be heavy.

Anyone else measure what they get? Do you find that "average estimates" are way off too? I have trouble believing that 30mL could be a normal period. Someone who's cup only fills to the top twice and then they're done? Does that really happen?
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Medium MeLuna for sale/Large Diva wanted

I have a medium black MeLuna with the ball stem that for various reasons I've decided to give up on. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it or swapping for a large Diva?

I can post pictures if wanted. I live in the U.K, so I'd like $17 inc. postage or less if you're in the U.K too.

It's in very good condition, only been used for one dry run and a couple of hours on a light day. Not the right cup for me.

Trouble with new Ladycup

Hello gals, I am new to the community, hihi everyone.
I recieved my new ladycup in the mail yesterday (size small) and today I decided to try it.
I am 20 years old, sexually active, but I cannot get it in. I looked through the older posts on this community and I can't understand the problem. I have tried lube, and I tried different positions, and I know the angle I need to be inserting it in, it just hurts!
I am not currently on my period so I thought it would be better to try it now instead of while I'm having cramps or something.
If it means anything now I was diagnosed with microperforate hymen years ago-- could not insert anything into my vagina at all--
 of course now that I'm not a virgin I don't think that has much to do with it, though my husband isn't very well endowed.
I think it has to do with that I am just not aroused and therefore the muscles are tight while trying to insert the cup but I'm not sure how to make this easier. Have tried the Cfold and and the pinch-down fold and neither worked.
Could it be that I should just wait for a better time to try it? maybe in a day or so?

Advice please, especially if someone knows of a smaller cup.

Also, one more quick question, it may sound dumb, but , once I get it in, how can I tell when its full and needs to be emptied?

Thank you.