July 19th, 2010

leaking problems with UK mooncups

Hi everyone, am new to this site and cups, so could really use some help!  I've got both of the UK Mooncups but they leak terribly!  The first day which is very light is fine, but starting on day 2 until the end is a nightmare.  It starts leaking almost immediately, and especially if I move such as just standing with one hip jutted out to the side I feel a movement and bubbly/suction sounds and feel leaking.  I feel certain that I need a bigger cup with a bigger capacity.  I've tried countless ways of inserting/adjusting/placing under cervix, etc, to no avail.  After searching this site and all the great info here, I've thought about switching to either the large Yuuki or Fleurcup, with the Lunette 2 as a third idea.  My cervix sits low but not terribly so, and it is def off to the right side - not sure if that changes things or not.  If anyone has advice on the 3 cups above and has had similar problems, please let me know!  oh - info on me - 42 no vag births, med to heavy flow for at least one day and no issues with inserting/removing as of yet!  Thanks a bunch, really want to be able to use a cup!