July 17th, 2010

Sterilizing cup after having BV

Hey everyone. 
I have been using my Diva cup for over a year now and I think it is the greatest thing ever.  I will never use a tampon or pad again.
Anyways, 2 months ago during my period I forgot about my diva cup and left it in for 2 days.  When I took it out it reeked.  It was horrible.  It was towards the end of my cycle, so it was mainly just the normal white discharge.  
I was just recently diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and I think it is from leaving the cup in for too long during that period.  Since then I have had another period and used my diva cup.  How can I sterilize my cup to make sure there aren't any bacteria left on it from the BV?  I don't want to go and reinfect myself during my next period.  

Since I have been using the cup, I always just take it out and rinse it out with water and then put it back in.  Then at the end of my cycle I will wash it out with the diva wash.  Will the diva wash get rid of any bacteria on it?  Do I need to boil it?  


My Magical Changing Vagina

Hello, ladies! Last month, I traded in my ineffective Keeper for a large Diva on the last couple days of my period and was thrilled at how comfortable it was and how it didn't leak for me, unlike the Keeper on both accounts. So, when my period started again this month, I didn't think anything about it and went to put in my Diva again.

Ouch!! Suddenly, it felt huge. I kept having trouble getting it to open up inside me once I released the folds, and when my allergies would act up and I would sneeze hard, I would feel the muscles forcing it out. Four days into my period now and I'm feeling kind of raw where the cup is rubbing. I'm also getting some seepage.

Can anyone theorize why my vagina has apparently morphed into a new shape this month? Am I going to have to get a whole variety of cups and offer them to my persnickety vagina one at a time each month until it selects the one its in the mood for? I really doubt I'm putting in the cup any differently than I was last month, but I suppose that could be a possibility.
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Nuvaring and Diva Cup?

Is there anyone who uses the Nuvaring and Diva Cup?

I love Nuvaring but my period always seems to start toward the end of my out week. Because of this I've only been able to use non-applicator tampons, but I want to start using Diva Cup. This means I'd have to use both simultaneously. I'm skeptical if I could pull that off. I've been considering switching to the pill anyway as I get some random bleeding with Nuvaring.

Any thoughts/experiences? Thanks so much!!