July 14th, 2010

Feminine wash

Does anyone know if it is safe to use a feminine wash that contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate for cleaning a cup?

I also noticed that most of feminine washes contain fragrances. I have a hard time finding the fragrance free one. Is that okay to use those that contain perfume?


Hi guys, it's me again. Some of you already know that I am making menstrual cups as part of my senior design thesis. Here's a little update:

My professor decided that my study should be limited exclusively to Filipino women so I had an open forum where I introduced the idea of cups. There were a lot of eWWWW reactions, but I was able to explain how it works, and it calmed down most of them. (However, the really religious ones refused to entertain the idea completely because "just the thought of something inside" horrifies them. THAT'S why I am going for cloth pads as well)

However, everyone in my group study agreed on one thing: MAKE AN APPLICATOR. Basically they want me to come up with an applicator so they can avoid touching their own genitalia and since I'm an info design major, I need to come up with a marketing solution (that's their solution). More than the health aspect of the cups, I am focusing more on the marketing.

Anyway, I suggested the use of surgical gloves if they dont want to come in contact with blood and their own genitalia, but most people just want an applicator because they think that the rim of the cup is "way too big and looks scary" and prefer to not see the cup opened up at all. Soooo... I don't know how to develop an applicator that would work better than the current system of just folding a cup. The thing is, you would be folding it ANYWAY when inserting it into the applicator, plus it needs to be strong enough so that the cup doesn't pop open. Any thoughts on this? I'm sorta at a loss here...

Again, please note that I come from a conservative Asian country... I tried to convince my research group that it works just fine without an applicator, but everyone is convinced that if I want to make it more marketable, I need to make one, just so people can avoid touching their vaginas. @_@

Considering Cloth Pads, Just a few questions

Okay, after my first cycle using a menstrual cup for the first time and having such a good experience with using one, I am considering switching over to cloth pads, as well, sort of as a backup when using a cup instead of using a disposable one. So I am hoping someone can help me with a few questions I have.

1. I read somewhere online that using cloth pads help shorten and lighten your period because they don't have any super absorbent chemicals that pull more blood like the ones found in disposable pads. Is this true?

2. I normally have heavy periods for the first 2 days and use a menstrual cup, which has not leaked on my first cycle using it. What would you recommend for me to get to start out?

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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has stopped using hormonal birth control (or started using it, for that matter) while using their cup.  If so, which direction did you go, and did you notice any changes that might affect cup use besides flow volume? (mainly, did your cervix height change?  But I'd be interested to hear about any observed changes).  I may be going off of HBC in the vaguely near future, and I'm wondering if I should expect any other differences besides heavier flow.  I've used my MCUK for 3 full cycles now and it's working beautifully, but I'm just worried that I may have to re-learn everything if I'm not on hormones!  Thanks so much in advance!
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Horseback riding and loss of suction

Hi everyone! I was hoping that maybe there are some other riders out there who use cups who can help me. (Or others who don't ride and just generally have more cup experience!)

I have been using a cup for a little over a year and rarely have any leakage problems. Today I was riding my horse and she spooked at something, moving to the side unexpectedly. The second she did it I could feel my cup lose suction! Luckily it wasn't a catastrophic failure, but still enough that I was unhappy. I was using my small LadyCup, which as we all know is rather tiny. Do you think I would have had less of a problem with a larger cup? (I also have a small Lunette- love it for its higher capacity, but generally the LadyCup is more comfortable for me.) Or is it just something unavoidable that occasionally happens?

Took the Plunge

Hey everyone,

I stumbled across this website some time ago after searching for tips and advice on managing my period while camping. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. Honestly, I must've visited these forums everyday for the first few weeks, reading and learning a ton! Let me tell you, at first I was totally overwhelmed! I grew up basically learning that periods were 'bad' and 'icky', so I never was really comfortable with it. Then I read all these sweet and supportive comments by you guys, how helpful everyone is... and it's really helped me become comfortable with my body :-)

As such, I finally decided to buy a cup! Yay! My small Lunette is currently on it's way to me. Blue, of course. Can you believe I'm actually excited for my next few periods? Who would've thought I'd ever say that? Lol!

Can't wait to try it out. I'll definitely post my results once I get to give her a 'test drive', lol!

You guys are so awesome, so I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the courage and confidence to try this. Thank you :-)

EDIT: Just got my Lunette Selene in the mail today! First thing I did? Open it up and play with it, lol! It was actually way squishier than I thought it would be. Period should be here in the next few days. Can't wait to see if it works for me :-)
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post at ZeldaLily.com

http://zeldalily.com/index.php/2010/07/menstrual-evolution-the-new-improved-green-diva-cup/ is a post over at the feminist blog zeldalily which i follow...the video they included is really cute, but the author's reaction is NOT so much. however, there are several diva users and interested people in the comments (including yours truly) alongside the people who say "nuh-uh never ever GROSS". what do you guys think? i think the author should have done a lot more research before she said anything...:-/
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I've shown my mother some of those cute crocheted menstrual cup pouches and she made one for me (ok, I admit I kind of lured her, knowing that she's well accomplished at crochet...;P). So I thought I'd share a picture with you, I'm particularly fond of the whiskers: