July 12th, 2010

Confused about WHICH cup to get

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to buy a menstrual cup and I've followed the advice of the Menstrual Cup Size Charts but I am still confused.

I checked for my cervix, and I barely reached it so I am going for a longer cup.

I am a teenager, but I am not a virgin. I am unsure how wide I should get.

I usually soak up a regular Tampax pearl tampon in a matter of hours with my heaviest flow. So I want a little bit more than that for capacity. Maybe between 12-15 ml (honestly, I don't care as much so long as I am able to leave the cup in for longer periods of time than I would a tampon)

This is the first cup I've had so I'm really unsure about what shape would be best :S.

I'm kind of lost despite the help...so I would appreciate any advice you guys could offer me.

I appreciate the help, thanks :)


picking a cup

Hi guys, I had a smaller-sized UK mooncup about 4 years ago.  Heard about it while I was living abroad (I'm from the US) and liked it.  I lost it a year or so ago, and I finally have decided to replace it.  But wow! I didn't realize there were so many options!  I'm leaning toward Lunette after scouring a bunch of entries here, but I'd love a second opinion

I'm 26, not a virgin, never been pregnant.  I have heavy periods (on the first day or two, I go through a super absorbency tampons in 2-4 hours, depends on how big the clots are...), very bad cramps.  My cervix is always very low.  Probably never more than 3/4 of a finger away.  The mooncup seemed kind of long to me, edging too low even after i cut off the stem.

I didn't have major problems with the mooncup.  I could get it in and out fine, although I'm not sure exactly how I folded it.  I'm not squeamish...just poked around till it got in place!  I always had a little leakage, but less than with tampons.  I did notice that my cramps were sometimes even worse with the cup, though, even after using it for a few years, which is why I didn't replace it till now.

Lunette (the smaller one) seems good:  it's short, holds a lot, not too wide. The stem doesn't matter to me (never used it on the mooncup).

My questions:

1. Shape:  Do the "hoop skirt" cups feel different than the mooncup?  Harder to get in, more likely to cause cramps?  If they DO feel less comfortable, are there shorter alternatives to the mooncup?

2. Position: Does it matter that the mooncup sometimes "rode up" inside me?  Is that bad? Does it mean I should look for some particular characteristic for my next cup?

3. Softness:  Looks like the UK mooncup and Lunette are similar in their firmness.  Would a softer cup cause less cramps?  Is there a soft, short cup that isn't terribly low-capacity?

4. Nuvaring: my doc told me not to use a cup while i have a nuvaring in because the cup might prevent the nuvaring from having 100% contact with my vagina and therefore make it less effective.  This seems silly...but for practical help, does it matter what cup i use if i want to fit the nuvaring up alongside it?

Thank you!  This community is such a great source of information
purty tardis

Leaky Cup

I'm having issues with my Diva Cup leaking. The one I'm using now is actually a replacement for my first Diva Cup, which I lost. The first Diva Cup worked perfectly fine. I never had any issues with it beyond the "orientation period." Once I got used to inserting it, it never leaked.
Now, for whatever reason this cup just will not stop leaking. I've gone from changing my Diva Cup 2-3 times daily to about 5-6 times daily. I've always worn a backup liner with my Diva Cup, but rarely ever had to change it until the end of the day. Now I'm changing it about 3 times daily due to leaks.

I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. It's the same size, and AFAIK I'm not doing anything different while inserting. All I know is that it leaks constantly and it's driving me batty.

Can anyone give me some tips/insights onto how what might be causing this or how to fix it?

70% alcohol wipes

So the other day i went to the local supermarket (Mercadona) and I've found 70% alcohol wipes. The ingredients are aqual, ethanol,  and isopropilane alcohol. Do you think it's safe for the cup? How come that they mention first agua and they call it 70%?  Even if it's 35% etanol and 35% rubbing alcohol it doesn't make sense.  I've read in an other post that only rubbing alcohol is safe on cups. Then, how come the Lunette wipes contain ethanol?

large Meluna leaks

My large meluna leaks.  I have been using it for a few cycles now.  I have noticed that when inserted the posterior side is pushed in somewhat, even though it has "popped".  The cup is not full when it leaks, although, it usually only leaks the first three days of my cycle .  I am fairly sure it is inserted correctly.  Meluna sent me a complimentary medium which also leaked, but it is the same diameter.  I am suspecting it may be too large, but this is my first cup.  Any suggestions on possible causes would be great.  If it does appear that the cup is too large I need advice on what diameter would be good.  I am 26 and have had two vaginal deliveries.  Would it be possible to fit a small meluna?  I am somewhat partial to the meluna because I like the ball stem.  Ultimately, I am most interested in getting this leakage under control. 

Anyone selling a lady cup? (or Meluna bulk order?)


I am trying to figure out getting a second cup that I can afford. I have a small lady cup right now, and I really like that. Is any one interested in selling one? or a meluna (since they are about the same size)?

I'd also being interested in a small yuuki or something similar is anyone has one they are trying to sell.

Also, does anyone know when the next bulk order is?

just for fun!

I put all my cups in a sauna today and took a picture :
Collapse )
(large blue fleurcup, small black/grey fleurcup, large clear lunette, small diva)
I'm very excited that my new Large Fleurcup came today in the mail- beautiful blue, and just as I hoped- same capacity of large lunette, but softer and less plasticky. I can't wait to try it next in about 3 days! it just barely got here in time, but it has been boiled and is ready to go.

First Time! Dry run with S Ladycup - questions...

Yay!!! I finally got one!!

I have been waiting for years. (I may have forgotten all about them for awhile)

I just received my Small LOTOS Ladycup (so pretty...), boiled it, and decided to take it for a test run. It came just on time since I'm due to get my period tomorrow-ish.

I used the 'origami' fold, sort-of... I just kinda mushed it in there. I took the advice that I read to let it open before it is all the way up. 

My cervix is waaaay to the right, so I thought that might affect how the cup sealed/fit. I really didn't end up doing much, it kinda sucked itself into place and stayed there. I was worried that it wasn't sealed, but when I removed it, there was a bit of normal fluid in it and none on the outside, so that's a good sign! (I'm also understanding why people said that removing a Ladycup can be troublesome. I think I'll cut the stem off.)

I'm wondering about the weird cervix thing, even though it didn't seem to be a problem - everyone's different, right? Haha.
I was also surprised at how high it seemed to be. I couldn't even reach the rim of the cup. Is that normal even the day before your period?

I'm so happy to finally be posting about wearing my own cup!! Take that, dump truck full of tampons!

Has this happened to you?

So, this this particular cycle for me has been REALLY off. I'm on day 2 of my cycle and honestly, the first day, I had my diva cup filled up  the whole ounce after 2 hours. This was the whole first day and now on day two, I can go every 6 hours with it being filled to the brim.

Is this 'normal' for some women?  Usually in past cycles, I could got the whole 8 hours with it being 3/4 full but this time around I've had horrible cramping, clots and leakage.

I recently saw a doc who did a pelvic exam and things came back normal btw,.