July 11th, 2010

Large Fleurcup / Large Yuuki Photos

Just letting everyone know that I have received large Fleurcup and large Yuuki donations, so I’ve included photos of them in the photo comparison library.  I am currently working on a few other updates, and my own flow comparison chart.  I‘ll post links to all that later on when I get it finished.  Hope these help:




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Help, How To Rotate The Cup?

I have tried using my diva cup so many times and I'm having issues that I can't find help for anywhere else.  I'm a virgin so my muscles down there are probably tight, not making the job any easier. 

I can barely insert the cup.  If I do get it in from the punch down fold method it will not open, will not twirl once inside, and it is painful inserting and taking out.  I'm wondering what in the world makes this painful?  You do not have to answer that question, I believe it is the hymen.

How do women get this darn thing to twirl?  Its too slippery, my hand is slippery to grasp the thing to turn.   If I do get a hold of it I still can't get it to rotate.  This is so frustrating! 

I'm also afraid that once I do get it in the right place that it will rise too high in the canal and be difficult to remove without the help of a doctor or tweezers.  I really don't want that to happen!  Since I'm having trouble with the simple stuff right now I can't imagine how difficult it would be for me to get it out in that kind of situation.  I hope I don't have to trim the stem!

I've never used tampons because I had heard stories of the string breaking and having to go to the emergency room. 

I really would like to stop using disposable products because of the environment, money and it seems convenient.

Thank you for the help!

First Timer...Satisfied!

Well, I received my DivaCup just in time to try it out. I have irregular periods, meaning I get them a few times a year but when I do, its very heavy and will last for a long time. At times, I can go through a super plus tampon in an hour for the first 2 days. I go through boxes of tampons when it comes and a lot of money wasted. Someone recommended Instead softcups and so I tried them and I can't stand them. It's messy, leaks and a hassle to pull out. They are very much unpleasant to deal with and will never, ever even think about using them again! While searching online for a more reliable cup, I read about the Divacup and read so many good reviews and bought one.

I used it for the first time a couple of days ago and have to admit, it was awesome. I have been searching this site before I used it so I have been trying the different techniques some of the other users have been using and found the right one for me. I have not leaked at all and I have found that I don't get as much cramps as I did when using tampons. Actually, wearing the DivaCup is more comfortable for me than tampons and I barely felt like I had anything in.


Another lurker coming out :) I'm 16 and a virgin, just convinced my mother to order a femmecup for me yay!

Tried a mini non-applicator tampons for my first period when I was 14 and it refused to go in, so I stuck with pads (I'm a Singaporean, and most people here only use pads) for a year. Now I've gotten the hang of tampons but it still frustrates me a great deal that they leak a lot. Maybe it's my fault for using minis, but I really can't be bothered to buy them in more than one size. And furthermore, even minis can hurt pretty badly, not taking any chances. 

I have irregular periods, which means I get them maybe once every two months. Most times my periods are very light, and even mini tampons become hard to insert, then once or twice a year I get horribly heavy flows. 

Okay so I'm just very happy to have discovered this site, and -crosses fingers- I hope to have my life changed in a couple of weeks! :D 

Question: how do you even tell if you have a hymen? 
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