July 10th, 2010

Did my cup make my period start early?

My cycle is usually 35 days, and has occasionally been as long as 42 days (a couple of occasions) and has been known to be 28, but generally 35. Because I was staying away from home on day 28 to day 30 I decided to wear my Lunette to be on the safe side.
That was June 30th and just before I went to bed I removed my cup to clean it and there was a streak of blood in with my mucous. Because it was close to my period I was very dry and inserting my cup felt very suction-y and painful but because I was away from home I was too paranoid to go without it as my periods start with a flood! In the morning again there was just a tiny streak of blood.

For the next 3 days there was, at most, a blob of blood after each 12 hours. On Monday I stopped using my cup and just used a cloth liner. The liners stayed almost completely clean but if I put my finger in my vagina I could see I *was* bleeding just so lightly that it mostly wasn't actually making it outside my body. If I hadn't put the cup in to begin with I might not even have realised my period had started.
I carried on with cloth pads until Thursday (so I'd been bleeding lightly for a week and was now actually on the day when my period was due) when I made some parsley tea. I thought that since it can make a late period start it could make my flow speed up. I got some cramps and the flow *has* sped up but is still not normal for me: the first line in 12 hours overnight (7ml), then another 7ml in 6 hours, then just now (again 6 hours later) it was quite a way below the 7ml mark.

I've worn my cup in anticipation of my period ever since I started using them just under 3 years ago, and this hasn't happened before, although usually I only use the cup when I already feel "period-y" with cramps and pressure starting. I've also never heard of the suction doing this to anyone else.

So what could be causing this?

For the purposes of anticipating my next period, should I count this cycle from the day I first had *any* blood, or count it from what should've been day 1?

I'm 29, never been pregnant and never had an STD (and my last smear test was a little under a year ago and was normal). Usually my periods are 4 days long with 2 very heavy days and 2 days that are so light it's barely worth using my cup; so at this rate of bleeding it could go on for another week! :( I have an underactive thyroid and my last blood test (6 months ago) showed I'm on the correct dose of thyroxine; but 18 months ago I had a very heavy period lasting over 2 weeks that was due to my thyroid.
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Large Lunette vs. large Fleurcup questions.


I'm thinking of buying a large cup for my heavier day(s). I'm very happy with my small Lunette and since the large isn't too big (I have a low cervix) a large Lunette was my first choice when i started looking. But I'm looking at the size charts and I see that the large Fleurcup is the exact same size as the large Lunette but the Fleurcup holds 4ml more.
How is it possible that two cups are the same size, but has different capacity?

Does anyone have a photo of the two cups together?
Would anyone that has both cups be willing to fill the Lunette with water up to the holes and then pour it into the Fleurcup and tell me if theres a lot more room in the Fleurcup?

To go with the Lunette seems like a safe bet since I'm very happy with my small one, but I would like the extra capacity with the Fleurcup..

Well no wonder I hadn't learned of cups until now!

A common question: If cups have been around for decades, why am I only now hearing about them?

I may have found another answer to add to the long list: Public Schools

I remember the health teacher in 5th grade putting a tampon in a small cup of water on her desk to show us how much they absorb. It flared out to like 5 times its size. I also remember watching these videos, probably filmed in the 80s, of a girl being embarrassed to bring a whole package of pads to school to put in her locker. Not only did that begin training us to be embarrassed, later when I was about high-school aged, a tampon product came out that (I believe) had the applicator plunger separate in the wrapper so it would only be 2-3" long instead of the 5 or so of other brands. They sold these little cases and marketed them as being more discrete than having to go to the bathroom during class with a crinkly pad or huge tampon.

This has a point, I promise!

Flash forward to today, being all passionate about cups, I decided to look up information on the health education curriculum from the public school district I went to. Clicking on the curriculum resources page, I found a link on "Puberty" in the "Family Life and Human Sexuality Unit"... Well, guess where the curriculum resource is from... Proctor and Gamble! Yes, the makers of Always and Tampax. No wonder we never learned about cups! Here is the a link to the site from the curriculum resources page: www.pgschoolprograms.com/puberty/.

Just happy

Its been about 7 months with my Lilac Cup, and while I am over the 'looking forward to my period' stage, I still am just so damn happy to have a cup for my periods now, it just makes everything a dream.

And I had that Black Eyed Peas song 'my humps' in my head, but changed the word hump to cup, and it expresses my joy perfectly. :)

"My cup... My cup, my cup, my cup... my lovely lady cup, check it out!"

Also, I was getting a bit sad last month, because my lovely lady was getting stained, and no amount of leaving it in the sun was getting rid of it. So then I boiled it for the first time in months, dropped in a teaspoon of bi-carb soda, and she came up new again! So happy with the result.

Just thought I'd share the love. :D
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Large Lunette and Small Yuuki both leaking

So, I started out with a large Lunette, which more often than not would leak at around 5-7,5 ml. This went on for a year, so I finally bought the small Yuuki, hoping that a smaller and squishier cup would maintain its seal, but this is the first day of my period and no such luck, it's the same as with the Lunette, leakage at the same amount of blood too.

I just can't figure out the cause of the leaks, it's usually fine for the first 1-4 hours (depending on my blood flow) and it never ever leaks below 4 ml, so the cup seems to be positioned in the right place. Maybe something's causing the cup to lose its seal, which allows some of the blood to escape the cup, whenever the blood level is high enough (i.e. at 5 ml+) ?

I'm so disappointed, any ideas what it could be or anyone with a similar experience who figured this out? I love my cups and I would hate to have to go back to tampons for day 1-2 of my period, but tampons would only leak once in a blue moon for me and had a capacity I could at least rely upon.