July 9th, 2010

Tardis, Doctor Who

In Search of a Used Cup?

 Hi there. First I wanted to thank you all for maintaining such an amazing site... I have been reading for a while now and finally created a LJ account so that I could post. 

Anyway, I am a quite broke college student and it seems as though many of the women here have multiple cups that they do not use. I was wondering if any of you were willing to part with a well taken care of used cup? I haven't used a cup before but based on my research I think I would prefer a small LadyCup most, and the smallest MeLuna second (I have a very short vagina). I am willing to pay for them, up to $20 for a used Lady/ColorCup. 

Thank you all so much! Whether or not I get an offer here, I cannot wait to get my hands on my first cup!


New poll! How much do you bleed in one cycle?

Poll #1590205 New Poll! How many ounces do you bleed in one cycle?

The number of ounces & mls:

under 1 ounce (under 30ml)
1-2 ounces (30ml-60ml)
2-4 ounces (60ml-80ml)
3-5 ounces (90ml-150ml)
6-8 ounces (180ml-240ml)
9-12 ounces (270ml-360ml)
13-15 ounces (390ml-450ml)
16-19 ounces (480ml-570ml)
20-23 ounces (600ml-690ml)
24 ounces or more (720ml-?)

Contemplating reusable pads, well pantyliners

So I had to make another trip to the store today to get pantyliners, which is annoying since I just recently started using a cup. I still waste a lot of money and paper wearing a pantyliner every day since I tend to have a lot of discharge. I also wear them on my period just so I wont ruin a pair of underwear. Anyways, I think I am going to look into cloth pads. :) However, I was wondering where you can buy them for cheap prices? These pads look great:

But since they're expensive I'm not sure whether it would actually be cost effective to switch from disposable pantyliners to those. Since I'd be using them everyday, I would like to have a large supply. (The miniliner is a whole 14 dollars with shipping.)

So in short, can anyone recommend a cheap place to buy them? Also how easy are they to make? I am pretty decent with a needle and thread, and my mom can teach me almost anything I don't know. I'd like to be able to make the ones with snap closures and have them be all one piece.

P.S. I'm moving into a dorm soon. Can these be washed discreetly?