July 8th, 2010

What the heck is it?

 Srsly.  I've had enough and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Background:  Small MCUK user for 1.5 years.  34yo, no kids - Paragard IUD for 10 years.

So, I love my cup and the more I've used it the more I don't want to go back to tampons.  But, this cup and I don't get along.  And it's sad.  I have the right cup - it's the right size, holds the right amount, doesn't leak, etc.  But.

Half the time I get this super annoying sensation once I start using my cup for the month that goes away a couple days after I stop using it.  If I wouldn't know better I'd say it was the feeling of a yeast infection coming on.  (But of course we know we can't get yeast infections during our period...)  Some months it's just a little twinge of recognition that something is not right.  But other months (like this one) it's completely uncomfortable and it hurts to take my cup in and out. The feeling nearly borders on itchy - but not exactly.  I can feel the whole canal, but the inside of my vagina is perfectly fine.  

Sometimes it starts within a day or two of me using the cup; sometimes it doesn't start acting up until the last day.  Then there's the months where it's not a problem at all (which just confuses me further.) But the sensation *always* goes away after I stop using my cup no matter how bad it is.  And once it's there I'm stuck with it until after my period ends.  I can't tell if it's a sensitivity to something, a friction thing (from inserting and taking the cup out), if it's bacterial, or something else.

My mind has run out of ideas.  Here's the stuff I've tried:  Wash hands better, even twice.  Scrub under nails.  Changed soap.  Stop having sex during that week (in case somehow that's it.)  In case it's a friction thing, I've tried removing my cup less often.  When it gets to the last day or two of my period I've tried just not using a cup altogether but the sensation doesn't seem to go away any sooner.  I tried going back to tampons for a month or two and well that just ticked me off for other reasons, lol.  I even moved a few months ago, eliminating the bacteria in the water possibility.
I boil my cup after every period is over and I boil it again before I put it in the first time.   I don't use any cleaners on it and when I take it out, I simply rinse it under hot water and put it right back in.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Has anyone defeated it?  Any ideas I haven't thought about/tried already?  

ARGH!  /endwhineage

Need help buying a better cup than this one.

I was so excited about the arrival of my divacup size 2. I inserted it but it was quite uncomfortable. After spending some hours on this forum I tried it inside out. That felt a LOT better.

It does not leak, and makes me feel cleaner and secure. However, I get cramps! I slept with it last night and this morning I could hardly walk because I was so sore. I took the cup out, made the suction holes bigger and inserted it again, but very quickly had to take it out.
My husband had to drop off the kids and I lied on the couch, with a tampon in. After an hour it was better and I now wear the divacup again (inside out). I still feel it a bit, but not as bad. Who can help me choose a new and better cup?

I am doubting between the mooncup uk and the meluna medium. I wonder if the mooncup uk is short enough and I am afraid that the meluna medium will leak because of the diameter. I also intend to use the cup before my period as I usually spot a few days before it really starts.

Some info
I am 32
I had 3 kids by vaginal birth
I tried touching my cervic this morning, it is about 6 cm, while squatting
the divacup 2 inside out is very secure. It does ride up. I can hardly touch the brim when it is in

I really hope somebody here can give me some wisdom! I love this forum and have already spent many hours reading on it.

Getting a diva cup trouble

im 17 and been talking to my mom for weeks on getting a cup preferably the diva cup and she seemed ok with it after i showed her this website and she is still a little put off about them no matter what i say i really want one and there is no stores around my town that i cant get my friend to drive me to. my zip is 77575 and she told my dad about it today and he said im not getting one that it is gross and i told him they last for ten years and there is chemicals in tampons and all that stuff but i really want one bad after a few days on my period tampons hurt to insert from them drying my out and i love the idea of a cup...what could i do? and my friends mom wont get me one either.... would someone donate one from their collection to me or something please i would really appreciate it alot  i really want one :( :( :( i would buy one but my parents would have to pay for it

thank you

my stats :
17 no children, sexually active

First-time user proclaims CUP LOVE!

 I hesitated a moment before posting this because I didn't want to jinx myself but I'm so excited...MY VERY FIRST 24 HOURS USING A CUP HAVE BEEN FABULOUS! I bought a large Lunette two weeks ago after many hours of reading here. A few practice inserts converted me to the 7-fold but I wasn't sure what to expect when I was using it "for real" during my period. I got my period yesterday morning, did my first "real" insertion, stirred once or twice with my finger, heard a faint gurgling sound and - POP - I was sealed. NO leaks yesterday, NO leaks last night, NO leaks during a 12-hour wearing today. NOT A SPOT! After years of pads and tampons (I'm 46), and so many gory accidents, I'm thrilled. Plus, the weather here is incredibly hot, so it was lovely not to need a bulky, sticky pad.

The removals have been a bit, um, dramatic because I have very heavy flow, but I managed. I felt a tiny twinge in my urethra at one point today but I think that may have been from some pressure or rubbing by the stem, so I'll be trimming that a bit.

All credit and a million thanks go to everyone here - your extensive posts, photos and helpful responses made this possible. Thank you!

So now that I'm head over heels (vag over heels?) in love with my cup, here's my question: aside from telling every menstruating woman I know who will listen, what can I do to make cups available to more women? Is there someplace I can donate to that provides cups or cup education to women in developing countries, or an organization that advocates for cup use to be mentioned in health ed classes in schools? I know that some women will choose not to use cups, but after struggling for 34 years to contain my menstrual blood, I'd like to do something to help make cups available to girls and women who want to use them but don't have access or information.