July 6th, 2010

Another success story!!

Hey, guys

Here's another happy cup-user. For the third time I'm using my cups. Have the small Meluna for the weak days and the mpower for the heavy ones. Just ordered the medium Meluna since I find them easier to handle when taking it out.

But I must say: NEVER ever tampons again. It was a bit of a fiddle the first time I used the cups, but as with all new things, a little practice makes it. And it's worth every effort. I am on my second day today, heavy flow, left the Mpower in for around 7 hours and it was not even half full. And no leakage! Once I got the hang of it. The biggest ob-tampon would have lasted for 5 hours, 6 max. 

I'm just super happy, and it's good for the environment as well.

Thought I'd share that.

details on yuuki fleurcup and meluna please

Hello I am a new member of this site but I have spent weeks researching and trolling the site for info.  thanks for all the info btw ladies I really appreciate it.  My question is I have narrowed my selection of cups to the sm yuuki, sm. fleurcup, sm ladycup, and med meluna.  I have a few concerns the rim on the meluna looks more defined than the others.  does anyone have issues with being able to feel the rim?  the ladycup looks slippery.  and does anyone know how the fleurcup rates against the yuuki side by side comparison?  I am poor so I really want to try to make a good choice first off and I am also somewhat obsessive so I tend to analyze.  Right now my choices are 1 - yuuki but there seems to not be as much info about this cup and a lot seem to have issues with it opening  2- fleurcup again not as much info 3 - meluna but smaller capacity and mixed overall reviews 4 - ladycup slightly more expensive but seems to have decent reviews looks slippery.  Any and all info would help thank you all so much.

just did some more research and ladycup is out because of capacity so help with the other 3 thanks.

My new MeLunas are here!!!

And the awesome guy that is Frank not only made sure that I got the old shiny ones (as requested) but threw in a bonus ring stem large!! I'm stoked!!! I've got a large basic stem and I've wondered of some type of stem might be slightly easier for me, so now I'll get to find out! I'm also excited to try something smaller than the large (for my light days and occasional CM) as the large is a pretty snug fit. I am pleasantly surprised at how large the medium is. It's much bigger than I expected and will hold alot more than I'd have thought. I may end up using that one WAY more often than I expected. I'm also totally tickled by the small. It is the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen!! It's pretty tiny, but truthfully, it's probably not quite as tiny as I expected. I think this will be an EXCELLENT cup for my last day or two of light discharge and really great for my CM days. I expect this one to be SUPER comfy. :-D

I'm so excited!!! My camera is charging right now so I can't post pics yet, but I will as soon as it's done!

Thanks Frank and MeLuna! You guys rock!

few questions

I've had a good couple runs w/ the DivaCup and I'm waiting for my keeper to show up but I have a couple questions. And yes like most there may be some TMI ahead :)

1. I usually can't feel the cup but at night it just HURTS. I usually empty it before bed, rinse and reinsert. After a hour or two it just HURTS. It actually feels almost like reallllllly bad gas pains or weird gastro issues that I've had before but the meds that caused that are looooooong gone. The first night I got up and reinserted and was fine but the second night I just REFUSED to get up for that and eventually fell asleep....y does it only hurt at night????could it have shifted far enough up to press the cervix? I have to wear the cup very high anyway or it will NOT pop open but it doesn't normally hurt.

2. I'm thinking the other night that the cup didn't open but I didn't have any spills or leaks... When I emptied the cup there was almost nothing in it...thought that was odd...but I rinsed it out and reinserted. But it went in WAY easier than normal....I quickly figured out that when I pulled the cup out all the goo was left behind...i found it when i was done reinserting and pulled my hand out...gooed. Could the cup have not opened and everything just collected at the spot? When I pulled the cup BACK out to rerinse the buildup? came out and dumped like it should have....very odd but has it happened to any of ya'll?????

Price of DivaWash?

I looked through some of the tags and couldn't find anything about this; sorry if this is a repeat post. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the store price of DivaWash in the United States. I'm about to run out of it and am planning on buying more tomorrow from our local Whole Foods store, but since I have lost my debit card and will need to take out cash tomorrow, I wanted to be sure I'll get enough out to make the purchase. Google was completely useless to me in this endeavor, except to bring me here (funnily enough, it was my next step anyway). Any help is appreciated.
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