July 2nd, 2010

New Cup Demo Video

Hey everyone-- Sorry for posting so soon after the Meluna update, but there's something I wanted to share.  Some of you asked me if you could embed my "How To Use A Menstrual Cup" video on your own websites and blogs, which I am totally ok with .  But I wanted to let everyone know that I made some changes on youtube... 

I re-filmed my "How To" video, so that its 3 minutes instead of 8.   It includes a small Yuuki, rather than my small Divacup (my small Yuuki still has its stem, and I wanted to show a cup with a full stem).   Then at the end, I also used a lage blue sponge to better show how your actual insides might rest against a cup. 

I did keep the first video, but I changed the name to include "extra tips and troubleshooting" in the title.  That's the reason the old one was so long-- because I was offering lots of problem solving tips.  But I have found that including all those tips in an introduction demo, makes a menstrual cup seem too complicated and time-consuming to newbies, and curious people.  Most people get the hang of a cup the first couple times they use it, so I figured I would save all the extra tips in a seperate video, for those who specifically need them.  

Anyway, I put the new version in the first comment below.  And I personally think the quality in this one is better :)  Or you can go to the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfHF0p7X4MI 

Hugs to all,