June 30th, 2010

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Cup comparisons made complicated

Hi, I've made a Cup comparison spreadsheet.

It allows you to sort by any criterion/criteria you wish, and includes other useful bits and bobs that might be of interest. It's a compilation of information from here and around the web, that hopefully makes choosing a cup easier.

I've had to leave the document 'unlocked' for editting, so please revert it back to how you found it so I don't have to keep restoring it. Annoyingly, only one person can really sort at a time, because any changes you make will affect other readers' views too.

To sort, you need to select all the rows you want, go to 'tools' then 'sort,' click 'data has header rows', then choose what and how you want to sort it by.

If anyone knows a file sharing site that will let me upload it, have it edittable for people, but read only (can't save changes), please let me know.

AND if you know of anything missing or wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it.

Wouldn't you love to be inside one of the menstrual cup factories?

I have been thinking about this for a looong time now. I watch How It's Made a lot, and I never had the courage to suggest menstrual cups because I didn't think they wanted to mention things like that on the show. However, I saw an episode today making disposable pads! Then I sorta snapped haha. So I would really appreciate it if you guys would sign up and reply to my thread saying it was a good idea to get it recognized by the admin. :D plzzzzzzzzz

New Fleur in mint green

So, someone has asked if the new mint green Fleur was really that strong colored that it was pictured on their site. My answer is yes,
or even more, and it's a beautiful aqua green, not that blue. . I have tried to picture it, didn't  get to make the best one  but anyway,  here you go. Pics after the break....

Collapse )

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As you can see the Fleur is my forth cup, and I think I have found the perfect one.... Arrived on my last day, so basically it was a dry run...
 My first cup was the MoonUK. Perfect, just the capacity....
Next one was the orange Meluna with a ball stem. Was too long, a nightmare to get it opened and get it right for me. Not to mention after I cut off the stem lines from the mold still poked me, Plus where they filled the mold it had a rare surface that I can't get clean. (You can clearly see it on the picture..) Still good for educational prupose. (I'm studiing to be a sexologist....)
My next cup was the large yuuki. Wow what a change, Good capacity (still ocasional overflow on the first day..), lot easier to get it opend, but a bit long, so it poked me my first 1-2 days. Got the hang of it so much, that now I ommit the backup pads from the second or day... On someone's suggestion I cut the base to make it perfect smooth and I allmost can't feel it.
Not knowing I can improve my yuuki that much bought the lage Fleur. Don't mind at all cuz I was searching for the perfect one, and I think I have find it (knock, knock).. It rises high I left a bit of stem ATM.... And I really love the color. 

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Hi, I am a new Diva cup user and this is my first cycle where I hope to be using the cup. I didn't have much success during my attempts at dry runs, so I decided to wait until I was actually on my period and things were a little different down there. This ended up working well for me and I am able to get the cup in fairly easily; yay for that! :] I am having a little trouble getting it to open up so that it is fully round once it is in me. I can just barely get my finger in there to feel around the cup, and it feels squashed. I've tried pressing on the bottom of the cup (which isn't fully round either) to let a little air in and that doesn't seem to work. The holes around the top are clean. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, it was very messy while I was trying to play around with the cup and get it to open, but when I removed it, there was some blood in the cup as well. Does that mean my flow was partially missing the cup?

Thanks in advance.

Um.. Did my cup make me bleed

So i got my first cup today I boiled it then let it cool and tried a dry run. I got it in ok maybe a little harder than I thought but got it in and I couldn't feel it at all it was amazing and I walked around, layed down, just to see if I could feel it I couldn't. Then I decided to take it out. It was about the same as putting it in I'm not a person to panic a lot so I just kept tryin when it wouln't come out at first I kept tryin. When I got it out there was blood in it. Which made me nervous my period is due any day now but I'm not bleeding right now so I don't know what happened. Could bumpin my cervix cause that or what. Thats the only thing that has really made me worried I don't want to irritate my cervix. Has this happened to anyone?

Loving the cups

Hi everyone :)

I'm new to this community and only discovered menstrual cups about a month ago. I bought a large lilac ladycup then decided to go ahead and get a  large diana lunette a couple of weeks ago.

When i got my period I was actually excited to try them out. Never thought I'd be excited about getting my period...

My period is finished now and i have officially fallen in love with the cups. I always thought my flow was pretty heavy but my cups were never even filled half way.  I guess my birth control finally lightened my flow. Should I get a smaller one? I'm liking the colors of those new melunas....

BTW: does anyone have lunette's cup wash? I bought it but am not really liking the smell it leaves

Will castile soap hurt my cup?

Ingredients- water, saponified organic coconut and organic olive oils (w/retained glycerin), organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, natural rose fragrance, citric acid, vitamin E. Is there any reason why I couldn't use this on my cup? When you clean with soap do you just add the soap to water and let it soak, or rub the soap directly on the cup? I've been soaking my diva cup in diluted hydrogen peroxide which has been working, but I don't really want to tempt fate anymore.
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New small blue MeLuna with stem arrived with...

 ... another medium green one with ring :D For free!! (though it was accompagnied with a little leaflet saying it has minor faults like shape or colour, i only found it a little squished (but the blue one was a bit squished aswell) but otherwise perfect, going to try it out for sure!). Underneath are some pics, compared to the one i already had, a Small red Fleur with the stem cut in half.

Small red Fleur, Small blue MeLuna Small red Fleur, Small blue MeLuna Small red Fleur, Medium green MeLuna Small red Fleur, Medium green MeLuna Medium green MeLuna, Small blue Meluna 

I found the squishiness to be the same. I think now my collection is taking form. I haven't tried them yet.
I ordered the small blue MeLuna cause the small Fleur fits me perfectly but is a bit too big for my lighter days as my cervix sits really low then aswell. The small MeLuna is the smallest one outthere with her 40mm. I bet the blue one will be what i was looking for, with the same frosty feel, the rings on the base, the squishiness i'm used too...
I'm a happy camper! I never even thought of ordering the ring stem on a cup but now, i can't wait to try it out :)
Thank you MeLuna!!

New Instead user questions

Hi there - thanks to everyone who's posted such great information on this site - I've been reading for days and it gave me the confidence to try these things! I've got a question I hope someone can help me with.

I bought some insteads, and so far so good.

I think I've inserted them correctly - I can't feel it, it's behind my pubic bone, it stays put and doesn't leak (ok, it does when I use the bathroom, but doesn't keep leaking when I'm through. I think that part's normal?) but when I try to take it out, there doesn't seem to be any blood actually IN the cup. Some blood will go into the toilet, and the cup itself will be messy (both sides) but the reservoir isn't actually holding anything. 

I have to say I can't really wrap my head around how a person could possibly get the thing back out with any liquid in the cup in the first place, but it sure has the capacity to hold something! And people have mentioned 'pouring' or 'emptying' the cups in the toilet...

So could I have it in wrong even though it doesn't leak?

Any tips?

traveling cup


I can't seem to find the answer to my question

When i insert my Diva cup it sits right at the entrance of my vagina. As soon as i stand up it slides right up so its behind my pelvic bone.

Where is the cup supposed to sit? how do i get it to stay there??

cup staying folded

I've had really good luck with my cup so far, but ran into some difficulties today and would appreciate any advice you all might have. At the end of a super heavy flow day i washed my cup and attempted to reinsert, but i can't get it to pop open. I've tried all my little twists and  tricks and several more i read here to no avail. The cup just remains collapsed in half inside me, sort of like the first step of a c-fold for insertion. 

I had to put a tampon in, and left the cup air drying from a second wash after about a dozen attempts. I never had this many issues even on the first try, no matter what i do the cup seems to remain squished completely shut inside me and won't open up agin unless i remove it first. 

Any advice very welcome thanks!