June 28th, 2010

My beautiful cervix


I found this on the internet


it shows pictures of the cervix throughout a full cycle with an explanation of how it feels and where its positioned , and several other cervixes of women of all ages. 

out of curiosity earlier i had a feel for my cervix during my period and managed to end up with my finger right in the hole and googled cervix during period and this is what came up. Its quite interesting but if you are squeamish id stay away from this as its real photos :)  
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Poked by stem but I really need it to remove the cup.

I purchased a DivaCup last month and I wasn't able to get it last time.  Finally this time I got it inserted thanks to all the posts on here.  However, I'm still having lots of issues with the stupid stem, which is extremely frustrating since it works great otherwise.  The stem is poking me even though I have it inside enough.  I trimmed a little off but it did no good.  I did read that you can cut it completely off.  However, I am having a really hard time removing it as it is and I don't know what I'd do if it didn't have a stem to help me.  

I thought about trying to insert it higher but it's the same problem as cutting off the stem - I'm afraid of having even more difficulty removing it.  (I can't very well be squatting in a public bathroom.)  I'm wondering if part of the poking problem is because my vagina seems to be slightly crooked so it pokes straight into some of the side.  
Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would love to be able to get it to work since I am allergic to tampons and am so tired of dealing with pads.


 I forgot to mention that I do try to bear down to get the cup to move but it only budges so far.  Sorry :)  Also, I keep pinching myself trying to grip the base.  Does that happen to anyone else?

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Very longtime lurker, first time poster. :)

So after doing a lot of research and thinking, I decided to go with a Diva. I'd only heard about cups about three years ago (yes, I do live under a rock) and at first was a bit squicked out by the idea. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized how much sense it made and how much I really wanted one. But which one?

So I spent the past year researching. Yes, I need to be absolutely sure before I buy anything. I'm a bit of a research nut.

I've done a few dry runs with my Diva and while it was tricky to figure out how to get it in and out at first, I'm pretty sure I've mastered it.

Now I'd really like my period to come so I can actually use it for its intended purposes. Does that make me weird? ;p
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I know that some instruction manual tell you to rotate the cup after it popped open to create a seal.
Personally I never did it and never had a leak when the cup was not way to full (I have small MCUK and large Lunette).
I also do not understand how rotation creates a seal... could anybody explain it to me?

Does anyone of you not rotate the cup like me?

What's the absolute worst way you can think of losing your cup?

I was camping this weekend and was using my diva cup in case my period started (it's due soon). The toilets there were basically stationary port-a-potties and all I could think about when I was in there was accidentally dropping my cup down there. I actually ended up just checking for blood in my tent so I wouldn't have to risk dropping it. Can anyone think of a worse way to lose a cup? I couldn't, but maybe I'm just not using my imagination enough.

Poll: What is your favourite menstrual cup brand?

Poll #1584994 Your favourite menstrual cup brand

What is your favourite menstrual cup brand?

Mooncup UK
Keeper & Mooncup US
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Hide and go seek?

I've had a Diva Cup size 1 since 2005/2006. Honestly I tried to use it a few times after I got it  and it was so uncomfortable I just cleaned it and put it away for good. Yesterday my cycle started and I decided to boil it up and give it another go. Getting it in was very rough, eventually I got the punchdown/origami fold to work and got it in and popped open. It felt fine for a bit then I sat down, and it started "rubbing" in a strange way, so I went and tried to reseat it and it felt a bit better. 
Then I went to the grocery store and while walking around it rubbed so bad, I felt I was being bruised and punched in my ladybits. I figured the clipped stem might still be poking a bit and went upstairs to fix it ... again. Upon bending over i could feel it "reseat" and travel farther up at which time it no longer rubbed. So I figure everything is fine... fast forward a few hours when I decide to remove it for emptying and it has traveled up behind my pubic bone. Unreachable. 
I tried digging in there with my fingers and could not grasp it at all. I tried all different positions mentioned here, bearing down and everytime I could feel it getting sucked back up there. Seems my cervix was made by dyson.
After 20 minutes of trying, I stopped to rest. Then went back to it. After another 20 minutes I started freaking out and even had my husband help me and he couldn't grasp it as now it was up high and I had laid down to try to do some more "exploring" and apparently the cup leaked which made it completely slick and uncatchable. 
Spent another 30 or so minutes trying to get this out and finally decided to try again on the toilet and was able to reach in and bear down and get it out. Even then it kept being "sucked" back up in there. 
My questions are:
a) is this cup too "short" for me? my doctor never mentioned a high/tilted cervix but wtf was it doing way up behind my pubic bone? is this how high everyones sits up?
b) this is the "longest" cup out there, so is there just something strange about my anatomy that this won't work with?
c) how low does your cup sit that you can reach in with more than 2 fingers and grab it? my fingers are short and I could not grasp it with my middle and ring fingers which are my longest fingers. 

I am dismayed. I really wanted to start using this and stop wasting plastic/paper.

ETA: I am 32, never given birth. Not a virgin. And my lady bits are still store from searching around in them so long yesterday :(

Cups around the world.

From what I can tell from my day to day life (and the fact that I had never heard of cups until fairly recently--the past few years) cups are almost unheard of in the US.

I've lived in other countries and they didn't seem terribly common there either, but its kind of hard to tell because its not really a regular topic of conversation.

Are cups more common in other countries? if so which?


New Cup user needs help and advice

Hi Everyone!
I am sure my questions have been answered elsewhere so i do apologize.

I bought a small Diva cup(29 no kids) and i am super excited about it. In august i am leaving to travel around the world for a year and figured the cup is the best option!

I was super excited to start my period this month to try it out.

Every month i have severe cramps. Different tampons cause more severe cramps.

Yesterday was relatively great. only took me 2 tries to get the cup in comfortably. Woke up this morning no leaking cup almost full, right below the top line. Today i have been having really severe cramps. I took the cup out and put a tampon in and the cramps stopped with in 30  minutes.

I read a bunch of the entries on here and tried a few different folds, as well reinserted a couple of times. I used a bobby pin to poke there the holes to try and stretch them a little, and i had to use the bobby pin to break through 2 holes that were sealed.

Any suggestions on how to make the cup more ocmfortable for right now. I think that i may be  hitting my cervix.

Also does anyone have a recommendation on which cup may be the best fit for me. I think that i have a shorter than average vaginal canal.

thank you in advance!!!

persuading mainstream grocery stores to carry cups

I live in a major city in central Canada. Only the Diva Cup is available off the shelf in a select few health food stores. I chose to buy a cup online. I am now in the process of trying to inform all my friends of the existence of menstrual cups and their unending merits.  For many of them, purchasing online is a deterrent to trying a cup.

It is my dream to have cups more readily available and visible on mainstream retailers' shelves. I have been contemplating trying to exert some influence on major grocery stores like Safeway, Wallmart, Zellers, and Shoppers Drug Mart to sell cups.  Has anyone successfully put in a customer request for a store to carry a menstrual cup?  What method did you use to persuade the retailer?  Any recommendations on what should be said if I write a letter?

My ultimate dream is to have a variety of cup brands available off the shelves; but one step at a time.

A Look At The New Meluna Cups

Hey everyone, Frank sent me 6 Meluna samples of the new design (they redesigned the ring and traditional stems to be thicker and stronger, and added a clouded texture finish to all cups, also added 4 grip rings to all the bases).  I personally think these are a great improvement! :)

I updated my Meluna page in the photo library (the others I will update later).  I also got the video up.  The video I will put in the comments below.  But here are the photos: