June 26th, 2010

Traveling cervix

I've been using a cup for about 7 months now, and I've noticed something..... my cervix moves all over the place! Sometimes its on the anterior (belly side) of my vagina, sometimes at the very end, and sometimes on the posterior wall. It doesn't seem to relate to the day of my cycle or anything I can figure out. I just have to make sure that once I place my cup I check around the rim to make sure the cervix is inside!!

Does anyone else find this happening to them?

A question about how you insert...

I have been using my cup for about 7 months now and love it, but I noticed something today that I thought was curious. I am left handed (don't know if that makes a difference) and I think the way I am inserting my cup might be different from others and I wanted to see if that was true. After I do my punch down fold I insert the cup with my thumb and index finger until it is completly inside of me, but then I take my index finger out and insert only my thumb into my vagina to rotate and place my cup. I know this sounds a little rough, but it is the only digit that natually falls in a comfortable position so I don't have to cock my wrist at a strange angle. Does anyone else do this? Or am I weird? Lol Thanks!

Also, I gave the contents of my cup to a house plant today. It seems to like it! Ha!

first time user long time no period!

I need help. Serious HELP.

backstory -
I was originally on seasonique. 4 periods a year. Great. GREAT FOR SAVING MONEY!
It worked great. Super great. Now, I am on Yaz. Now, starting the week after this one (Sunday) I will be starting a period monthly again.

I am 24, had my first child one year ago..
I have a small vagina and i am totally confused about the sizing...my vaginal canal is short. I understand the stems can be trimmed..but, how big is the cervix after childbirth?! The cups look so big in pictures, and I am worried that if I invest in this method of menstrual cups I will be disappointed. Tampons bother me so i've been straight using pads for 4 times now since i've had a period for a year now.

So, twenty-something mothers with small birthing canals what do you prefer. The moon cup or the diva?!