June 25th, 2010

Hello all!!

I'm a member of this community on my personal journal, inchoate  and love it. I use a DivaCup and have converted several of my friends. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my divacup and am so glad I found this community about a year ago.

I'm posting here, hoping this is okay, to invite anyone who would like to friend this new journal I just created. I track my cycle in a distinct style that was taught to me by a dear friend, different than traditional natural family planning. I have used paper journals, excel documents, and casual tracking on my personal LJ. I started this journal, fireflamespark , as a dedicated place for me to track my cycle. I hope to post every day but I am currently a full time student at the Culinary Institute of America, so things get a little bit crazy sometimes.

I hope that some people make their way over to this journal. Feel free to friend this one or my personal one - I love connecting with people who have shared interests!

Instead Cup Survey

I got an email this morning that I thought some of you might find interesting. Apparently the company that makes Insteads is running a survey about their availability in stores, what places near the respondant carries them, etc. It's pretty short, only a few questions, and filling it out gets you entered for "a year's supply of Instead cups" (although they are remarkably short on details about how many boxes that constitutes, for some reason!).

Link's here if you're interested!

Um... Im not sure if I'm measuring right but question...

So I found that 5 ml is about 1 teaspoon so I put 20 ml of water in a little cup just to see how a tampon would absorb it, I used a super tampon and it absorbed it easily it filled it up but it still absorbed all of it. Soo my question is, is it different in our bodies because I am confused about it. It say 9-12 ml but why is it aborbing 20 ml? I'm not for tampons but I just want to make sure I will be able to keep a cup in longer


I've been a cup user for a couple of years now, but AF came a few days early and caught me unprepared at work. I bought a vending machine tampon out of desperation. A few hours later, I had terrible cramps -- for the first time in years. (I hadn't realized that I no longer have cramps until today, actually.)

As soon as I got home, I put the cup in, and less than 5 minutes later the cramps were gone! Has anyone else experienced this?