June 23rd, 2010

virginity and cups

I want to share my story for those who are still considering the cup. I was 25 and virgin when I first tried a cup. I had spetate hymen, that's why I waited so long for buying the cup (I was concidering it for allmost 3 years). Finally I bought the small Mooncup UK.  And yes the removing was painfull, very painfull.... I went to the gyno, and she confirmed my self diagnosis and said they would only do surgery if the "normal way" fails, and be prepared for mayor pain at the first coitus because of my strong hymen (thank you - my hymenal cord was allmost as thick as my epiglottis). Obviously for this reason she did not do a check up. The weird thing is that my hymen just magically disappeard for the next period (no masturbation, or any other kind of vaginal activity), no pain or blood ....  Since then i'm a happy cup user, doing OK with the big yuuki...

Cups as geisha balls

Maybe it's silly but I was thinking that instead of streching you out the cups can act as the of geisha (spelling?) balls. Basically the theory is that inside that ball or that tampon thingy there's a weight that constantly moves so your vag. muscles have to work constantly why you are moving to keep that thing in place. Correct me if I'm wrong but the discarge can work as the weight (just lighter) and the cup as the geisha ball, just we have one ball in this case not two or or hourglass shaped... Have you experianced any positive changes regarding to your vag muscles?

Green Donna available on Ebay


Ive got my hands on a small green donna cup from Ebay. Once ive received feedback from the seller ill post a link to the shop. It was sold as "menstrual cup" and mentioned no brands in the listing. I thought id post some pics. How do you tell lunette where it is being sold? It is easy to see why some sellers get confused and call them mooncups as the box says that . 

Interesting Fleurcup promo. O_O

Well, I saw this on the Fleurcup facebook. I cant read french so I used google translate. Look at this:

"Dreaming of a Fleurcup and you have a menstrual cup in another brand? Fleurcup helps you realize your dream: your old resume Fleurcup menstrual cup 10 (ten) € for the purchase of a Fleurcup with his wallet!

To do this, follow precisely the following rules:

1 - Buy your Fleurcup with his jacket, 23 or June 24, 2010, exclusively on the website www.fleurcup.com.

2 - Send, imperatively within 2 (two) hours after your purchase, just e-mail address that you used to pay via Paypal, e-mail to the e-mail address:


Write, as the title of this email, the phrase "I Want To Change A Fleurcup"

In the message body, include your contact information and brand of menstrual cup that you will return.

3 - Between the 15th and 30th day after receipt of your Fleurcup with his sleeve and if you have not used the right of withdrawal, send us your old menstrual cup along precisely the following procedure:

a - Sterilize here
b - Cut the stem fully (if not already cut)
c - Send it to the address below, remembering to stick on your mailing label found on the packaging of your Fleurcup:

Fleurcup - I Want To Change A Fleurcup!
136 rue Guy Arnaud - 30900 Nîmes - France

4 - Within 15 (fifteen) days after receipt of your shipment, you Fleurcup automatically pay via Paypal, the sum of 10 (ten) Euros.

Only menstrual cups that we have actually received will be entitled to payment of 10 (ten) Euros. Offer limited to the recovery of a single menstrual cup by Fleurcup with his wallet purchased. Offer limited to one per menstruating woman (same name, same address) who bought the Fleurcup with his pack on the website www.fleurcup.com Wednesday, June 23, 2010 or Thursday, June 24, 2010. Important: This offer is not valid if the Fleurcup with his wallet was not purchased on the website www.fleurcup.com. Any application not complying strictly with the procedures described above shall not be honored. The cost of sending your menstrual cup old are your responsibility. Your old menstrual cup will be destroyed and lost forever. Offer not valid with any other offer or promotional operation in progress."

Okay, I commented on the site in English, Fleurcup says: "If you buy, today or tomorrow, a Fleurcup with its pouch. between 15 and 30 days after you receive the Fleurcup, you send to us your old menstrual cup and then we will give 10€ to you via Paypal."

Oh Google Translate. Youre so lulzy. I thought they will give you the cup for ten euros. Still, interesting offer. hahaha. I dont know about the shipping charges, but that's ten euros off your purchase!

Original post here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=472780454096&id=101802617949&ref=mf