June 21st, 2010

  • 13girl


Okay so I'm a 13 year old girl in the USA , Florida to be exact and I'm going to talk to my mom about menstrual cups. I was wondering which would be right for me, considering that I'm 13, I'm 85lbs, about 5'2, and I am a virgin. And I live in the USA. I don't really know much about my cervix but let's say it's normal ? Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Which is more important the right angle, or a cup's position relative to a cervix?

Hi, I wonder does the angle still matter  if I insert my cup correctly relative to my cervix position? I mean I might be not sure if I angle my cup correctly relative to my tailbone/rectum, while I might know for sure I insert my cup right under the cervix.

In the past I constantly experienced leaks with my Diva Cup, now I got a small Lunette Diana, did a few dry runs and it felt good, but I'm very afraid that leaks might repeat during my period.
I used to know nothing about cervix positions when I used DivaCup, so it might have been the reason for leakage back then.
And now I think I know enough about it, but I also read the angle of insertion relative to a tailbone/rectum is a very important factor too.
So i'm a bit confused and not sure If i'll be able to insert the cup correctly in terms of my cervix position and at the same time correctly relative to my tailbone or rectum. Sounds kind of complicated.

Can anyone give any advice? Thanks.

Cup issues after childbirth?

I bought a Lunette cup(Lg) 2 years ago. I had already delivered my first child. I never had any leaking issues EVER. I later bought a LadyCup(Lg) & once again I've never had leaking issues. In April'09 I got pregnant again with my twins. I delivered them in Nov'09. I've just stopped breastfeeding & started taking birth control. My first period since birth just started & I tried to use my Lunette cup. Over night I have not had any leaks but during they day it keeps leaking. I tried my LadyCup & I have the same problem. I know having kids can change things down there (I'm sure twins more so) but I LOVE my cups and its killing me not to use them during the day because they keep leaking. I've tried everything to get it to stop. I know I'm putting it in right. Has anyone else had this problem with there cups not working right after having a child?

I also have to add I had a c-section (did dilate to 6cm though). So all "should" be normal. I just dont understand why my cups keep leaking when I've NEVER had this problem before. They seem to work fine at night but whenever I'm in a sitting position to long they leak like crazy. I do feel like maybe my cervix is a little lower then before but could that really effect my cup?

I'm just so upset my cups are leaking I missed using them so much & then to have this happen makes me mad. Does anyone have tips to make it stop leaking? Help!

Rookie here!

Hi everyone,
Hedvig here, new to the business :)

I'm using my very first Lunette (smaller one) my very first time ever - and it fits me like a glove, both literally as well as metaphorically!

For the longest time (years) I was a skeptic and chickened out - although the curiosity towards menstrual cups never faded...finally I saw an ad on a Finnish site for these things and decided to overcome my fears and give it a go, success or fail!
I always promote the ecological lifestyle in every possible aspect, so I thought it seems a little bit hypocritical if I don't even TRY this and then speak from experience, regardless which way it ends up (the experience, not the cup - I can READ :)

So, out I went, got it, am using it - and am super-pleasantly surprised! Too bad I didn't muster the courage earlier...

Only question is; (probably answered at one point or another already, but...) is it my imagination or does the cup cause extra pinching sensations in the lower abdomen? It's not the general menstrual cramps, feels more like it might after a pap smear?

Anyway, thanks for many informative posts, great thing I found you!