June 20th, 2010

small ladycup, MCUK, shecup and pretty butterfly maxi pad for sale


I have a collection of cups but the only one i use right now is my meluna so the rest are listed here 

I bought the lady cup but I cant get it to fit me nicely. It has been used for less than one cycle comes with pouch and a sticker and has about 1cm of stem left. Asking $24 . sold

I have a brand new Shecup with pouch and soap strips. asking $30

Ive used the mooncup since january , it has no stains and has around 1cm of stem left, i have the pouch for it . Asking $25
 ladycup has a shorter stem than pictured
mooncup left , shecup right

I also have a brand new maxi pad black with butterflies 

Overwhelmed by first-cup decision

I've been reading through this site for many hours. The information and camaraderie are wonderful...but I'm pretty overwhelmed with all of the information and not sure how to take into everything into account in deciding what to buy for my first cup.

Me: age 46, no pregnancies, not a virgin, retroverted uterus, very heavy flow for most of my period. I think my cervix is about 2.5 inches (6.5 mm) up, based on some checking I did towards the end of my last period. Having used tampons and diaphragms, I'm very comfortable getting things in and out of my vagina. I've wondered if I have lax PC muscles but base that only on the fact that most of the time, tampons seem to slide out of me no matter how far up I position them. (I've been trying to do kegels every time I'm stopped at a red light while driving...which in my part of the world, is pretty often.) I can often feel tampons poking me...not sure whether that relates to PC muscles or an extra-sensitive vag. In terms of brand availability, I live in the U.S.

So for my first question, What makes a cervix "high" versus "low? I don't know whether my measurements translate into being "high" or "low." Or should I wait until my next period and check the distance when I first start to bleed?

I guess my next question is, Given the information I listed about myself, do any brands jump out as more likely to be worth trying, or more likely to be wrong for me? Does my experience with tampons sliding out and/or poking me internally, make it less likely that I'll be able to use a cup?

Thank you so much for the help! I understand that this can be a trial-and-error process but thought that the collective wisdom here might save me some mistakes.


Large Diva vs. Large Lunette vs. Large Selene Lunette?

I'm new here, but I've been using my (large) Diva Cup since 2003.  I used Insteads before that.  Anyway, the reason for this post is that I've been having major leaking issues with my Diva lately.  I first got my Diva after my second baby was born and thought it was great.  Because I don't get my period for a year+ while breastfeeding, I only had about 2-3 cycles between pregnancies.  My Diva worked great, no leaks.

I got a Mirena IUD five weeks after my last baby (almost 2 years ago) and didn't have periods with it, but I swapped it for a Paragard two months ago.  I've used my Diva for my last two cycles, which are now VERY heavy.  I've been having MAJOR leaking problems, which is frustrating and inconvenient.

After reading a ton on this site today, I've tried some different folds, which seem to help.  I'd always used the C fold before, but the punch down and 7 fold seem to be better.

I'm still wondering about trying a different cup, though, and think the large Lunette looks like a good option.  The Diva has always felt rather long to me, so the thought of a wider, shorter cup is appealing.  

My questions:
  1. Is the Diva Cup softer than the regular (clear) Lunette and is its softness part of the seal/leaking issue?
  2. Despite being stiffer, is the Lunette comfortable?  Its stiffness is an aid to proper opening and seal, right?
  3. Is the Selene version of the Lunette soft?  Or is it stiff like the regular one only blue?  The Selene is pretty, but if it's not going to resolve the leaking/opening problem, would I be better off getting the regular Lunette?