June 16th, 2010

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I can't wait!

Hey everyone, I ordered a large black fleurcup from the UK last week, Thrusday the 10th. And i am just too antsy to wait. I was wondering how long that it normally takes for it to arrive in the  U.S. (Texas). I just hope that it doesnt arrive after my period. So, if anyone has any info about how long it takes than please get back to me

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I'm 16 and a virgin, I got the mooncup (UK) a while ago but was a bit too scared to use it because it looked so big, even folded I didn't know how it could fit in but I explored and got to know my lady parts better and I tried it on the day my period was due to start. I used the punch down fold and I got it in OK (although stem needs a bit of trimming) and it felt fine. 

I tried to take it out (straight away so it hadn't filled up) and I could get a finger up enough to just break the seal and grab the base and stem and I pulled gently and it really hurt so I tried tilting it to get one edge out first but that hurt even more. I was panicking but trying to relax my muscles and ending up pulling it straight out somehow but it hurt loads. I tried again and the same happened except there were a couple more failed attempts at just yanking that were really painful and didn't move it. Got it out somehow but was still a bit sore after.

The rim of the mooncup is quite thick and just seems too big to come out (but makes a good seal and pops open really easily). I find it hard to get a finger alongside the cup when it's inside, I can't quite fit two fingers when relaxed either. Also I don't know if I may still have a hymen, some posts say the cup can snag on it. How can I tell if it's still there and can I break or stretch it ?(it's not of any significance to me). 

I'm kind of a bit too scared to try again because not being able to get it out freaked me out a bit. Are there any brands of cup (available in UK) that are maybe a bit softer and easier to fold while inside to take out easier that aren't too expensive? Sorry this is pretty long I just really want to be able to make it work for me it would be so much simpler. Also, putting it in it made me sort of need to pee, is that normal?

Surprised by Response

Just the other day, I was visiting with a friend that I hadn't seen in quite a while.  We were sitting around chatting and she asked if I had anything else new and interesting going on.  I thought about it for  a second and decided to mention menstrual cups to her.  It wasn't a hard decision, she is very environmentally conscious, supports local farmers, composts and has a small vegetable garden, buys organic where she can and generally cares about what she puts on and in her body.  We have never had any problems discussing things of a personal nature and I figured she'd be interested so I let her know. 

As soon as the words menstrual cup came out of my mouth, a look of unease spread across her face.  It was like she thought I was going to spread my legs, pop one out, and give her a demo.  I gave her the name of this site and told her she should check it out and left it at that.  I was just surprised at the reaction since I've gotten more positive responses from people I thought would react more negatively.

Has this happened to any of you?

help deciding...large Fleurcup or Large Lunette - any for sale?

I need help deciding between Large Fleurcup and Large Lunette (sz 2). I've been using a Diva sz 2 for at least 6 months and the length is too long. I'm in the US and would also love to hear from anyone that might have either cup for sale.

Here's my ealier post regarding some issues I've had with the Diva:


Although the dimensions on the Lunette and the Fleur are the same (both larges), I'm concerned about the stiffness of each. I like the flexibility and softness of the Diva and would like something very similar that is shorter in length. I'm leaning towards the Lunette as it sounds like the Fleurcup is pretty stiff. I don't have a big issue with the cup popping open.  I've read this forum for hours now and find there are many people liking each.

Lastly, it looks like feminewear is the best place to buy either, living in the US ?