June 2nd, 2010

  • luxi73

Cups in Taiwan

First off, I have to say that I absolutely love my LadyCup!  She's blue, over a year old, and I can't imagine using anything else. With the heat and humidity I despised using pads, even my cloth pads, so I am glad I finally decided to buy a cup! I also have a Lunette, but we're not quite as comfortable with each other yet. Is there any way to reduce the scratching feeling of the rings on the Lunette? I love how much she can hold on the first two days, but it's just that the ridges make me sore.

I had bought some LadyCups and Lunettes to share with my friends, but a lot of them aren't interested and returned them to me. So, if anybody in Taiwan is interested in one, let me know. They are all large, and the LadyCups are Lotos Color. I got the LadyCups in double packs, so if you do want one, it won't come with the packaging.

LadyCup LOTOS $25 or Best Offer *SOLD*

I have an unused large sized LadyCup Lotos that I am not planning on using.  I bought a 2 pack to give one to a friend, but she already had that color.  She referred me to this site to sell the cup. I'd like to get 25 dollars for it, which will include shipping.  The cup is not wrapped, but comes with a cute bag, instructions, and the cup.


Lunette Classic Clear or Selene?


So I had a Mooncup Keeper B for a day and it things were going fine until I accidentally flushed it down the toilet. I take it as a sign to get a different one. =)

Anyway, I have decided to invest in a Lunette (Size 1) because of it's great capacity, but I'm not sure if I should get the blue or clear one. I read that after sometime the blue fades and/or gets stained. For those of you with the Selene, would you recommend getting the Selene or Classic Clear one? I saw some stained(brown-colored) pictures and was wondering if those stains could come off?