June 1st, 2010

All hail the cleaning powers of baking soda!!! also, question about tea.

 So, I have been using my Mooncup UK for a little over a year now and a few months back, I took it out and it suddenly had dark red/brown stains around the rim and stem. Ugly to the point that I wouldn't want to show anyone my cup. I had boiled it and washed it (but not scrubbed it) with soap but the ugly discoloration was still there. But yesterday, I was here reading about someone who had suggested, but not tried, using baking soda. 

I got a microfiber cloth and some baking soda in a wide mouthed shallow cup. I wet the cloth and sprinked some bs on it and started scrubbing. the stains started coming off like magic and ten minutes later, my cup looked like new! I turned it inside out and cleaned that too. I also used a small toothbrush and bs to clean the words and crevices. The only places I couldn't get clean were the holes, and the inside of the stem. But it is so much better!

After this ritual, I put my cup with some water in a never-used mug in the microwave for five minutes. When it was done boiling, I put in a bag of herbal tea to convince my mom that I was "just making tea". I'm not sure if this was a bad idea, but I let it soak in the honey ginsing mint tea until the water was cooler and then took it out. It smells really nice now and I rinsed it off afterwards. What do you guys think?

Itchy after period

Ok so I've just finished my first completely succesful cycly with my MCUK size B but now I have some wierd itching down there. It's really irritating and it began on the last day of my period. My cycle was perfectly normal as is my discharge. There is no rash or smell. The itch is mainly on my lips and just inside my vagina. It may have nothing to do with my mooncup but I thought that here would be a good place to post it
arpi, harmi

Sorry if this has been posted before

omg I didn't expect to be sharing info while posting here for the first time:D

I've been trying to figure out whether my bleeding was light enough to use a small cup and I found Mansfield-Voda-Jorgensen Menstrual Bleeding Scale:

  1.  Spotting. A drop or two of blood, not even requiring sanitary protection, though you may prefer to use some.
  2. Very Light Bleeding. Needing to change a low-absorbency tampon or pad one or two times per day, though you may prefer to change them more frequently.
  3. Light Bleeding. Needing to change a low- or regular-absorbency tampon or pad two or three times per day, though you may prefer to change more frequently.
  4. Moderate Bleeding. Needing to change a regular-absorbency tampon or pad every three to four hours, though you may prefer to change more frequently.
  5. Heavy Bleeding. Needing to change a high-absorbency tampon or pad every three to four hours, though you may prefer to change more frequently.
  6. Very Heavy Bleeding or Gushing. Protection hardly works at all; you would need to change the highest absorbency tampon or pad every hour or two.

Lunette recommend using the bigger cup if your flow is graded moderate or heavy. Those here who are using the bigger model of their brand due to heavy flow rather than for other reasons, was it more or less like this for you back when you used pads/tampons? Collapse )

Multi colored she cups

First of all, does any one know how the she cup compares to other cups in size?

Does any one know when that half pink/half purple one I've seen pictures of (pics floating around online) will be coming out? I really want one of those!