May 31st, 2010

Meluna coop

If anyone's interested in odering a Meluna cup through a coop order- IM starting another! :)

I started a fb page so everyone can recieve updates easily:!/pages/New-Orleans-LA/Meluna-cup-co-op-order/121396044559348

ANd as always, I can be contacted through email at

Prices are still $20 USD to US residents. I do ship international, so contact me for a quote if interested. :)


My First Time Use- Small Ladycup

I'm brand new and trying out a cup for the first time- not to mention coming straight from pads to a cup what a change!
Let me give the rundown:
I am 23 and a virgin. I have never worn a tampon. I bought a ladycup and to figure out how to angle it correctly used a finger first. Finally after a few tries I figured out a fold that lets me insert it with zero pain, I was pleasantly surprised on that account. I did find however that Melissa from menstrual cup info was correct that the Ladycup can be a little tricky to remove- any ideas or tips how you get out the Ladycup or another smooth bodied cup?
I love my Ladycup it suits me perfectly I'm just looking for tips on how to speed through the "learning curve" of cup introductions.

Lunette and Diva leak on my heaviest day - please help =)

Hi all,

I've been using a Diva Cup for about a year. This is the experience I've consistently had:

First day - NO leaks, leave it in for four to six hours and when I empty it it's half full or a little more
Second day (my heavy flow day) - It's half full after an hour and starts to leak
Third day - completely depends, if I'm still having a heavier flow day it will leak when the cup gets to be about half full, if it's a lighter flow day I can leave it in for several hours, empty it when it's half or more full with no leaks
Four day and beyond - NO leaks. Again, I can leave it in for hours and it might be more than half full when I empty it.

Since the Diva Cup says you should replace it after a year (question... do you really have to?), I researched a bit and decided to try a Lunette cup. This is my first cycle on the Lunette and it works just like the Diva in terms of when it leaks.

Here's my question: WHY does it ALWAYS leak on my second day? I would understand if it was full but I always empty when it's about half full. I would also understand if it leaked all of the time because that would obviously mean I'm putting it in wrong or not getting a seal. I have a hard time believing that after a year of using it I always put it in wrong on the second day, only sometimes on the third, but never on the others. I'm confused and would really appreciate any suggestions. =)

Thanks so much for your time!