May 27th, 2010

Air Bubbles

 This is driving me crazy. I first used an Instead and could always feel air bubbles, I would go to the bathroom and check for leaking....nothing. I just got my Divacup, and feel air bubbles, not as much, but can still feel them; once again, I go to the bathroom and check for leaking...nothing. What I mean by air bubbles is the feeling the air coming out of my vagina which reminds me "leaking" from when I was wearing a tampon. I'm nervous that I'm going to leak and not know it because I think it's air bubbles.

Please, someone, anyone, tell me, what are these air bubbles? How can I eliminate them?

My cup is in right, no leaking and when I take it out, the blood is in the cup and not around the rim or the outside of the cup.

Am I doing something wrong?