May 26th, 2010

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may be a weird idea but...

I know this may sound odd but has anyone had the idea to make an applicator for a cup (not disposable). it would generally be the size of a super or ulta tampon. This may have come from my struggle with my small lunette (first cup). but really without the opening tip, more like the kind that are just a tube that is flat at the top and you would roll the cup into it (opening up). okay well im done with the struggle for the night. ill try again tomorrow, wish me luck. but if anyone ever does make an applicator totally let me know.
(sorry i just kinda had to get my frustrations out, just in a weird way)

happy cupping!

Leaking help!

Hello cup-geniuses!

I'm new to cups and am having some issues.  I purchased a Diva Cup 2 because I had a very high cervix (I could never even find it) and I'm 30 years old.  I used it for a cycle and once I got used to insertion and removal had no issues at all.

This cycle is a bit different.  I went off birth control pills after ten years on, and this period is much different.  It's very heavy, and my cervix is riding pretty low (about an inch and a half up).  Now my Diva is leaking like crazy!  I'm not sure what to do.  Do I need a different cup?  Or do I just need to position this one differently?

I know that turning it inside out would shorten it, but my cup tends to ride up high and I need the stem to remove it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Comparison: DivaCup, MeLuna, LadyCup

I've finally gotten to road-test my LadyCup, so here's a comparison of all my cups. Large DivaCup and LadyCup with the stems removed, large MeLuna ball stem.

All three of them are comfortable fits, with the length of the Diva Cup being a bit of an issue, especially right at the beginning of the period when my cervix is lowest. I have to take a long time to allow my body to adjust when I'm inserting for the first time each period, no matter which cup I use.

Diva's the longest, but has a tapered end, so it's got a generally slimmer shape, which I like. Something about its size, possibly the length, mades it not 100% comfortable -- I feel "aware" of it more than I do of the other two -- but this is not a consistent problem. I found the ribbed stem to be tremendously irritating and cutting it off entirely made things much, much better. It's in between the firmness of the LadyCup and the MeLuna, and it opens easily inside. It's easy to "screw" into position once inserted. The silicone is a little more frosted and grippy than the LadyCup's. In my opinion the best thing about the DivaCup is that you can't beat it for capacity; in order to fill it completely I'd have to wear it all day on my heaviest day.

The MeLuna, without the stem, could almost fit completely inside the DivaCup. Its ball stem is excellent for gripping and pulling; I wish more cups had this! As the firmest cup, it opens very easily once inserted and can be "screwed" into position. Folds take a little more force to hold in position, but the grippy texture of the MeLuna's material makes that a little easier. I prefer the slickness of silicone for insertion, but I really don't have any problems inserting the MeLuna. At first I found the grip rings at the base irritating, but after the first day or so I didn't notice them anymore. You have to be careful when gripping them to make sure you don't pinch yourself, but again, after a day or two of practice this wasn't an issue.

The LadyCup is shorter than the above two, with a wider body. I didn't like the edges on the LadyCup's stem, and beveling them didn't make them any better, so I cut it off completely. Because of the smooth bumps on the end, it's trickier to get a grip on than the other two, even with the stem. I sometimes had to dig in a (short) thumbnail to get enough traction, and I'm a little concerned this might damage the cup in the long run. It's squishier, so it's easier to fold but slipperier to hold in place and a little harder to manipulate open. It doesn't have as much capacity as the other two, and when it's full, it's VERY difficult to remove: I had to pull it as far down as I could manage and try to dry off the end to get more traction, and when I squished it to remove it, it didn't break the suction. When I did manage to remove it the mess was considerable. On the plus side, it's very slick silicone, so it's very comfortable to insert and remove. I liked this a lot on my lighter days, when using the others would have been overkill, and since that's what I bought it for, I don't have a problem with using the other two for the beginning of my period.

So, on the whole, I think I've got my cup bases covered between these three.

If you have any questions I didn't cover here, I'd be happy to answer them.

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 this goes under success story! I discovered cups a month or so ago and was immediately in love with the idea, I've been getting periods since i was 10 and was sick and tired of tampons and pads.  I immediately started reading everything on the site and with the size charts and the recommendations of a few helpful members of the community i decided on a small yuuki.  It's perfect, after successful dry runs i got my period this past week and it was a complete success! no leaks or drips or anything...normally I ALWAYS need a form of backup  because my flow is no more leaks or anything...i'm a convert for life!

Using cup while living abroad

I've been using the Diva Cup since I was 14 or 15 and absolutely love it, I can't imagine ever going back to pads or tampons! I'm totally comfortable with it, and yet I have not ever used it overseas yet, even after taking five overseas trips in the last three years, I've always used birth control to schedule my period at other times so I would be period free. (Although the first time I tried this it didn't work and I wans't prepared, that sucked!)
In August I'm moving to Thailand for three months, possibly longer.  I've read through some of the threads about camping and hiking, and I think I'll be okay as far as squatty potties, ect. (I've spent five weeks in Thailand in the past and I've got the technique down, haha!) However I am wondering if it will be okay to wash the cup with the local water in my apartment. I'll be in Chiang Mai and in the past I've used the tap water in the hotel to brush my teeth without any ill effects. Should it be okay to use soap and tap water to wash the cup when I'm at my apartment? When I'm out and about, especially in the rural villages, I plan to use the whole water bottle and hand sanitizer routine, but I am wondering if I'll have to do this ALL the time, or if the sink will be fine when in my apartment. 



Okay, I had great luck with my large LOTOScup during my trial run (until I dropped it in the toilet). I did find it a little tough to insert because of the squishiness, but no other issues.

I knew my cycle would start today, so I decided to use my large LilacCup.  No problems, no leaks all day.  The problem came when it was time to remove it.  I got a good grip on it, wiggled it out, raised it up to reposition my grip so I could dump it in the toilet and GEYSER!  The cup popped out of my pinch grip and shot in the air.  I am now washing my pants and undies as well as the bathroom floor.  Thank goodness I was at home!!!  I will have to use another grip or go ahead and get that other hand on the cup a little sooner or something.  Can't let that mess happen again!

Yay for cups :)

I posted a few months back when I got my Mooncup UK with experiencing slight back pain issues from it - I've learnt to adjust where I place it and I am getting on with it so well!

I'd been debating getting one for a good while, having been a user of cloth pads. The final push came with booking a hotel for part of our honeymoon with a hot tub, and having a cycle so irregular I wouldn't know til the time if I'd be on, and wanting to be able to make use of it!

As it so happened, I started the night before our wedding, and my Mooncup made it all so much easier! My flow is pretty light, so I didn't need to think about it from the moment I put my dress on til the end of the day (apart from dealing with the pain!); meant I could go in the hot tub; and made travelling across the country on honeymoon all so much easier! I am so glad I made the transisition, and so grateful to this community for the help!