May 23rd, 2010

Thank you! Inside-out is working perfectly!

Thank you so much for all the great advice here.  Last night, in a last ditch effort, I was trying to figure out what to do with this darned stem thing.  I have a large LOTOS LadyCup and I had already cut the stem into 4 pieces vertically to see if I could get some more flexibility and less "pinchy" feeling.  It did work, but I could still feel it.  At 4:30am I came on and saw the posts about turning your cup inside-out.  I did it and OH MY GOODNESS!  I can't believe it!  Unbelievable!   After all this time.  Oh, what a relief!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I can't even tell that I am wearing anything now.  I have pretty heavy flow and this is amazing.  I am happy to tears! :o)

Heavy and light days

First of all I want to say thank you!  I found out about cups about a month ago and ordered my large lunette after reading some posts here.  I just got my period and I haven't had any problems with leaking or anything which is definitely not how it went with tampons.   The large lunette works great but I'm wondering if I should order a small cup too.  Do any of you have one cup for heavy days and one for light days? 

I had almost converted my friend, but I think she had a relapse.

I recently bought a whale pouch for my cup, and it's effing adorable. My friend who knows about my cup and is warming up to the idea saw it in my bag and asked about it, so I took it out and showed it to her. She knew my cup was in it, but went on about how cute it was anyway. My other friend who was oblivious to the contents of my pouch reached out to grab it, and my friend who knew screamed "don't touch it!", like her hand would explode, or something. I had made so much progress with her. Has anyone else thought they convinced someone until they did/said something that proved otherwise?

Overwhelmed by size charts!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have decided that I can't bear to use my Diva this month after the "shooting pains" incident last month.  It's just too long.  I also don't like the inside out trick!

I have combed through the charts but I am just overwhlemed.  Someone just tell me which one to order! I want a short, flexible, high-capacity, wide cup.  I bleed buckets so it's got to be high-capacity!  Which one would you recommend?

Perhaps a tip to help 'pitch' the idea of cups to others

I've read here many times about people trying to spread the word of cups only to be greeted with disgust, I assume, from the fact that it's a reusable product.  I recently had a little 'light bulb' moment while talking to my bf about my cup that may help some of you trying to 'pitch' the idea of cups.

While talking with bf during a boring wait in road-works traffic jam, the subject of diaphragms (as in the birth control) came up and bf expressed confusion as to how they worked.  With my little knowledge (as I haven't used one, but get the jist) I tried to explain, and upon talking about insertion, he squirmed a little then expressed concern over me and my 'girlie thing' (I have to omit calling it a cup as he is squeamish about all things menstrual and doesn't really want to know what it is or how it works because of that).

I eased his concerns by naming the benefits of my 'girlie thing', without going into detail of how it works.  My benefits list included "good for the environment, as it's a diaphragm".  Even with my bf's squeamish tendencies, liking the cup's re-usability to one of a diaphragm made the information slip under the 'ew' radar with ease, and it got me thinking...

Diaphragms have been quite accepted in today's western society (as far as I'm aware/assume).  When talking about cups to others, perhaps get a gauge as to how they accept diaphragms, and maybe approaching the 're-usable' fact of a cup to the re-usable fact of diaphragm may help ease the 'ew' factor for some and get them to ponder a little before totally rejecting it.

It was a thought I had that might help some of you out there, such as those who lead youth or community groups, so I thought I would share.  Maybe, if it only helps get a cup-rejectionist mum off some young cup-user's back, then that's good too. :)

Has anyone out there tried such an analogy, and has it worked/failed for you? 

(I'm currently travelling the world with bf, so I haven't been around family/friends to tell about my new cuppy travel companion - who has held up very well on this recent Brazilian road trip!  Thanks again to all in this community to get me up and going.  Second successful cycle so far.)