May 19th, 2010

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Because I should be markign essays...have a silly poll

Poll #1565895 just out of curiosity and for amusement/procrastinatory purposes...

When you refer to your cup what pronouns do you use?

We don't discuss the cup

Does your cup have a name? (not a brand name) What is it?

How many cups do you (personally) own right now?


How many friends/family/collegues have you told about cups?

None. We don't discuss the cup.
A couple of close friends only.
Quite a few, but selectively
Anyone and everyone who'll listen


Reinventing the cup, yet again: Mademoicell

Found this entry at Jezebel:

Quote: "Chelsea Briganti, a senior at Parsons The New School for Design has created "Mademoicell," a device that collects menstrual blood for adult stem cells. "

The "conceptual product" design reminds me of that art project from last year. Not exactly practical... that long stem doesn't look comfortable. Another product that seems to have been created without researching the history of menstrual cups or acknowledging that there already are several brands on the market.

ETA: direct links to the articles Jezebel cites as sources:
picture of the actual (?) product:

How I got my friend to try a cup

A little background info...when I told my two best friends about the cup they were disgusted, appalled, and wouldn't listen to what I had to say about it. Their reaction was the same about cloth pads. Then when the better of the two friends was at my house she showed a little bit of an interest in cloth pads for nighttime because she doesn't like to wear tampons to bed. I showed her the cup and she seemed a tiny bit interested and said she might think about it. I told her to order one online and if she doens't like it I would buy it from her. I wanted another one anyway. I got one person on board yay. (And I got my sister a stash of cloth pads for when she starts her period). That's two people potentionally not using disposables yay!


It looks like Naturcups are available for sale now.  Regularly 27 Euros.  On sale for 24.30 Euros.  I don't know how much shipping is. 

There are three sizes but no dimensions.  As best I can figure, Size 0 is for those who are under 18.  Size I for those who are 18-30 and no kids.  Size II for those who are over 30 or have had kids.  They have a little nub instead of a stem.

Could someone who speaks Spanish ask them for the dimensions of their cups?  Thanks.

Never mind, they don't seem to be available after all.  There's no way to order at their site.

New cup user with leakage

I bought a MCUK as an impulse buy when I saw it on a website. I knew nothing about cups but read everything that I could find.
I was very excited when my cup arrived and I did a few dry runs. These didn't start off very well, but after a few tries I was getting pretty good.
The first few days of my period everything was great. I was congratulating myself on how well it was going. Then today was a medium/heavy flow day and I leaked and leaked and leaked. No matter how many times I took the cup out and put it back in. I tried sitting the cup low, and sitting it high. I tried different folds, I tried turning it, and not turning it and nothing seemed to work. The cup seemed to be open and sealed but I kept feeling a bubbling sensation coming out between my legs. Sometimes when I felt the bubbling it was leakage, other times it just seemed to be air? There was blood in the cup each time I emptied it (about 1/4 full)
I am not sure where my cervix is. I have read the posts and watched the youtube clips. I tried to feel for my cervix but couldn't find it. I think it must be very high.

Does anyone have any suggestions to stop my cup from leaking.

Ps I am a 29 year old non virgin without children.