May 16th, 2010

  • skunk

Lady cup sizing.

Hi guys! I'm looking to switch to a lady cup from a divacup before my next cycle, and I'm a bit confused on the sizing. I'm 25 with no children - I currently use a small divacup and it fits me quite well - the reason for the switch is that i find the stiffness of the rim and the cup itself to be rather irritating. I can't imagine using the large - the small forms a good seal and is a snug fit with no leaking.

I notice the lady cup sizing however, has me sitting right between the small and the large..

1. S(mall) - suitable for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to the age of  25 years
2. L(arge) - suitable for women who have given birth to a child or who are over the age of 25 years

I'm leaning towards just going with the small, but I'll be 26 in july so I'm not totally positive. Since I'm using the small in the diva with no problems, should I stick with the small ladycup? Or is the sizing really that different? Thanks in advance! :)

Looking to buy my first cup - need help with sizing and brands!

I just learned about the existence of menstrual cups yesterday but after doing hours and hours of reading I am in love with the idea of them and desperately want to buy one. I do have a few questions, however.

1) I am 21 and have 2 children. According to this most brands recommend the larger size, correct?

2) How exactly do you determine whether I'm long or short? I have my period now and when I sit on the toilet and feel my cervix, I need to use my entire index finger or about 3 inches. Does this make me long or short?

3) Right now my periods last about 5 days and have a mild flow. I plan on getting an IUD (Paragard) inserted on Monday so I can expect heavier than normal bleeding for awhile. I've seen Lunette recommended as safe and comfortable with IUDs - anyone have experience or shed some light on this?

With all of these factors which brand and size would you recommend? Comment if you need further information!


My Femme Cup Rocks

 I've been meaning to post a brief review of my Femme Cup for a while, but am just getting around to it now.

I've been a longtime Diva user.  I got my first small Diva when I was 22 and it sustained me until last year (26 y/o), when it started to leak :(   I thought it might be because my body was changing, but I didn't bite the bullet and get a new one till I lost it earlier this year.  When I did finally lose my first Diva, I decided to get two cups to replace it (just in case).  I ended up buying the large Diva (which stopped the leaking problem but feels a little bulky and long - a problem I had with the smaller Diva too) and the Femme Cup, partially because I could order it easily online and the dimensions seemed like they might be right for me (the brim flares out to almost as wide as the large Diva, but the cup is squatter and smaller, so I don't feel crowded like I often do with the Diva.)

The Femme Cup is my new favorite!  The plastic is easier to bend than the Diva, but it is also somehow "stiffer," so it pops open with the greatest of ease.  The wide brim stops leaks, while the basin itself holds a good amount without poking out of me or feeling crowded.  For a an average to light period, I would recommend this in a heartbeat.

HOWEVER I've had some adventures with my period because of birth control changes for the past six months.  The long and short is I've started having a very heavy flow on one day of my period.  The Femme Cup does not hold as much as the Large Diva, and its holes are much larger.  Suffice it to say, don't wear the Femme Cup on a very heavy day, go to yoga, invert yourself for ten minutes, and not expect a bloodbath.

But lesson learned.  On the very heavy day, either no yoga or the Diva's the way to go.  On all other days, Femme Cup all the way.  One more reason to support different companies and have a backup. 

Mooncup (US) Insertion Problems

Hi! I am a 21 year old virgin. I recently purchased a Mooncup B (US) and I am having trouble inserting it. Nothing has ever been in my vagina, expect my finger when I sizing it up. Anyway, I got my cup yesterday and was so excited to try it out. I decided to try a dry run and I can't seem to fit it in me. My hole is very small and I have no idea how it's supposed to stretch to engulf the cup. I was trying yesterday using the C-Fold(too big), Punch-down, and the 7-fold. I lose my grip with the punch-down fold. I got it in a little a couple of times yesterday, but it hurt a lot so I didn't push it further. Once I experienced pain I would just leave it where it was for a bit thinking that it might be stretching my vagina. I dried out and was getting sore so I stopped. I tried again today while I was aroused. I think the natural lube helped a bit but I still couldn't fit it in. I can not get more than the tip of the cup in without pain. I noticed there was a little blood on the cup after I tried a few times. I am guessing that it because I was breaking/stretching my hymen. Is that a good thing? I stopped after a while. What can I do to make it work? Has it taken anyone a really long time for it to work for them? I really want this to work and need help!