May 3rd, 2010

1967 Standard #1190 Barbie

Too big!

Hi all! I have been trying to wear my small Lunette on and off for a year now. I have had a hard time with it. My cup is definitely too wide. It doesn't open up all the way and can't make a good seal; so it leaks. And if I push it up deeper it may open but then it hits my cervix which is horrible insane paralyzing pain. Low enough to be comfortable also means it sticks out of my vagina quite a way. Apparently I just have a small vagina. It's not deep or wide enough for the cup. The Iris is only smaller by one mm in width and two in length. Do you think that such a little bit could make the difference? The small MeLuna is the best size in my mind but with only 9ml capacity I'd be filling it up in a couple hours.

Any suggestions or is it hopeless?

Lunette user with bladder/urination issues -- is there a better one out there for me?

Thanks to all you wonderful people and the wealth of information on this website, I was converted to cups about a year ago. After a lot of research I decided to go with the smaller Lunette. For the most part, except for some difficulties with insertion/removal during the first few cycles, using the cup has been awesome. I trimmed much of the stem down so that only a little nubbin is left, but even that pokes me sometime. However, since the beginning I've always struggled with the sensation of the cup pushing against my bladder. (To top it off, I got lazy and forgot to boil my Lunette last time after using it and yay, me, I got a yeast infection AND a UTI)... But I digress: the bladder sensation has definitely gotten a lot better with time, but after seeing how many of you experiment with multiple cups, I'm just wondering whether there's something better out there for me. Last year, I went with the Lunette because it seemed universally agreed upon that it is a relatively squishy cup, but now I am wondering whether the LadyCup might be even softer. I'm also wondering if I were to go with the LadyCup what size to get. The small Lunette has been great in terms of size, but i wouldn't mind a larger cup for heavier days, but If i have bladder issues with a cup, does that mean it's not a good idea to go up a size (e.g. more irritation?).

I really look forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thanks so much for any and all advice you may have!