May 2nd, 2010

Love the cups, just having some leakage

So I started my period yesterday and started using the cup with luna pads as backup (so comfortable). I'm officially never going back. The seven fold works best for me, and sometimes it suctions but sometimes it only does a little and there's a part where at the bottom it doesn't open all the way so I guess that's why it's leaking. I know I just need to keep using it and it will get easier. My period is always heaviest the first and second morning, I loved waking up today without laying in a bunch of moisture and feeling the gushing. Ew.. It was so nice I didn't even realize I was on my period at first. :) (Lotos small lady cup)

anyone have a small meluna for sale?

I am interested in buying a small MeLuna... doesn't matter the color, and I don't care what size stem, or if it has one at all.... I would just like to have a small, SHORT cup for my really light periods (with Mirena IUD).
I live in the US(OR) fyi
Thank You!!!
You can also email me with info if you want,

Please help with the "gurgle"!

How can I get my diva cup to stop leaking?
I insert the cup and make sure it turns freely. Then with a finger I make sure it's fully open and that my cervix is not outside of it. It's good for about an hour, then it "gurgles" and I know I'm in for a nasty surprise. The cup gurgles when it usually 1/2 way or 3/4 full, so it is not as if the cup is full. Also, each time I insert it I make sure the holes are open.  It's been 4 cycles now and I just can't get the darn thing to work.

If it helps to know, my cervix is always quite high (which is why I chose the diva in the first place) and have a heavy flow with some clotting, especially the first few days, although the time of my period does not affect the leakage -- 8 on 10 times I'm leaking like a faucet. I'm in my early 20s with no kids, so I have the diva 1. I had contemplated buying the diva 2 due to my heavy flow, but my boyfriend insisted that I stick with the diva 1. Please help!
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Pain after using a diva cup?

I have been using my diva cup for 2 cycles now. The cup itself is great. I got the hang of inserting it pretty quickly, and don't even feel it anymore.

I just have an issue after using it. On the 4th or 5th day of my period, I start to feel a little sore inside, especially after I take the cup out. And that soreness turned to excruciating pain when I tried to have sex last night.

The first month, I just thought that I was getting used to it, but now I'm really starting to worry about it. The pain lasted a couple of hours and then I went back to being a little sore.

I've never had this issue before. I had used tampons before as well as the Instead disposable cups and both were fine.

Is the diva cup just not for me? I love everything else about it.

Just got my first cup!

     Well, after lurking here for about the past month, I finally decided to try my first cup and decided on trying a blue medium Meluna. I got it in exactly a week directly from the company. I was thrilled when I got it and even more thrilled to find out they sent me a free usable sample cup as well! It's one of their clear large cups with a regular stem with minor defects such as color and/or shape but still 100% usable! Pretty sweet deal. I only paid $25 including shipping.

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cramps after first try with cup - ouch!

Hi everyone, I'm new to cups and have been watching this community for a while. I recently bought a size 1 Diva and have been waiting for my period to try it out. Tonight I thought I'd give it a dry run, just to see if I could do it.

I had no trouble inserting the cup or getting it to open, and I heard/felt a little suction when it opened. It was pretty comfortable to wear, though I could feel it a bit more than a tampon. The entire stem fit inside my vagina, so I guess I'm fairly long.

I was able to reach inside, pinch the cup between my finger and thumb, and remove it without much trouble. I did feel a bit of suction/discomfort during removal, so I wonder if I didn't completely break the seal, or if the seal re-formed after I pinched the cup. I sort of grabbed it in the middle, so in the future I will try to reach all the way to the rim and make sure the seal is completely broken before I pull it out.

I noticed a spot of blood on the cup when I took it out. I'm not too concerned, as my period is coming soon, and my gynecologist has commented that my cervix bleeds easily. I also sometimes bleed after sex. But, since removing the cup (about 1/2 hour) I've been feeling moderate cramps. I don't usually get significant menstrual cramps, so this is worse than anything that I feel during my normal period, though the pain is bearable. I'm worried that I may have hurt myself during removal. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice on how to deal with this problem? Using the cup itself was easy, but I don't think I can make the switch if these cramps continue...!

I'm sure you've been asked this before...

Hello, awesome community!  I've got a question, and I'm sure it's been asked before but I can't for the life of me find an answer, even when going through several tags and searches...

So, here goes.  I have been using a Diva Cup (size 1 - the smaller) for about two years now.  I also have the MoonCup (yep, the bad one...I got it before I knew anything about the ethical quandary associated with it), but it's a little stiff for my tastes and doesn't seem to hold enough - it tends to leak.

Anyhow, I really, really REALLY want a Lunette Selene - maybe I'm just magnetically attracted to the pretty blue color?  My Diva is getting a bit old - doesn't have quite the 'bounce' that it used to ;)  Unfortunately, I have several considerations that are making this harder than just snagging one online right now....

1)  Money!  The Lunette seems a bit (okay, a lot) pricey to me.  If you have, it, is it WORTH the extra money?  And if you've had it and also something else, is there a comparable cup (size and squishiness-wise) that you'd recommend that's less expensive?

2) Size!  The small Diva works for me, but I do have a rather heavy period, especially on the first few days.  I've never had a child, but I heard that the lunettes hold a bit less, and that I should get the larger size.  My question is, is that going to be super uncomfortable, since I'm used to Diva 1?

3) (Last question, I swear).  I'm getting and IUD put in next month, and I just want to make sure that the cup I get is going to work well with it.  I'm already expecting spotting, random periods, and heavier bleeding (part of why I'm considering the larger lunette), but I also know that there are some issues with suction - I'm fairly sure I'll be able to get any cup in and out without disturbing the IUD but I didn't know if anyone had problems with the Lunette in particular?

Sorry for the barrage of questions!  I'm just being very picky about this one in particular because it's so expensive, and the last thing I want is to get it and have it really not work out for me...

PS: I love this community...I've never found a more supportive, kind, open community ANYWHERE online.

PPS: I'm already a member of the IUD-cup community, too, but I thought I'd ask here first since the IUD issue is tertiary...