April 29th, 2010

Feeding blood to plants?

So after a few months of using my cup, I decided that flushing the blood down the toilet is a bit of a waste and I'm going to try fertilizing my plants with it. Are you supposed to dilute the blood before you give it to the plants? Will it make my herbs more nutritious if I feed them blood (all that iron...)? Is it even ok to give blood to a plant you're going to eat?

Newbie Questions

Hi everyone,
I'm trying out my cup for the first time, and I have a few questions that I hope you can answer (I'm sure you can - just lurking on here has been super-helpful).

I have a Diva Cup size two (I have a long vagina and I'm 30) and I had no problems at all inserting it with a punchdown fold.  It opened up fine and feels pretty good.  It'll be a few hours until I know if it's leaking or not.

While I can't really feel the cup in at all (even the stem isn't bothering me) I do feel the teensiest bit like I need to poop.  Is that normal, and is there anything I can do about it, or do I just need to get used to it?

Also, I noticed as soon as I got the cup in the the stem slid over to the left side of my vaginal opening, and seems pretty content to stay there.  Is that normal, and if not, what do you think might be causing it?

Again, thanks so much for being here.  I'm really excited to switch from tampons to a cup, and I'm so glad there are people here to help!

inducing a period and cup help

I know this is half off topic, but seeing as you all experience periods I thought you may be quite helpfull and knowledgeable!

I have an overnight expedition on the 8- 9 of may and I'm due for my period around that time. I could try and use my cup/ tampons but would be thankfull if I could avoid this.

I think I may be ovulating right now due to my discharges form. Would it be safe to induce my period so it comes before the expedition. If so, what are the safe ways of doing this- I've hered of parsely tea..

Also, is there any risk that my period would still be on the expedition (say because it was going to come a few days after the epedition)


On a different note, I tried my two new cups yesterday and after a while in the bath, managed to insert one. I didn't hear a pop but it seemed to have opened, but was kind of squwashed into a shape... I had a great problem with taking it out and it took me a long while. later, I looked up the advice on removal and found many people suggest making a c shape with the cup (surely, the blood would be squashed out?).

I'm now in a bit of pain as I think I have slightly hurt myself thanks to the painful and stressful removal!

Thankyou in advance, and also thanks for thoes who helped me choose my cups.

Diva Sz. 2 -- Which cups are similar?


Hi!  First off, I am a HAPPY, HAPPY, SATISFIED DIVA SZ. 2 USER.  I've never given birth, and am in my early twenties, however, the sz. 1 leaked and the sz. 2 doesn't.  I've tried the Moon UK  sz. small too, and it also leaked as well as didn't hold enough blood and got lost in my vagina b/c I accidentaly trimmed all of the stem off. 

This past week the college van I was riding in got broken into, and my bags were stolen...my poor Diva cup sz. 2 is now in the robber's hands.  And, my period will come before too long, so I must make haste and purchase another cup.  I'm torn between buying what I know works and trying something different.

So....I am wondering if any of you Diva sz. 2 users have had good results with any of the other cups, and if so which?

What I'm looking for: 
1. A cup that holds as much blood (or more) as the Diva sz. 2
2. Fits like the Diva sz. 2 in that it doesn't leak

That is pretty much it, and a colored cup would be nice!  Give me any recommendations that you have and let me know what you would do if you were cupless like me.. :-)  Thanks, ladies! :-)

ok, so i finally had success

With getting my diva cup (the small one) in yesterday, with over a year of failed attempts and bad experiences and was really happy about it. Now, i was kinda dumb in the fact that i trimmed the stem almost completely off pretty much when i got it. So, all is well, slight bit of discomfort at first, almost like a tampon that isn't in all the way. (Now mind you, i finally was informed by my last gyno that i have a really high cervix, so i thought the diva cup would be great.) Seeing as I've never used my cup for a cycle, i decided to go ahead and try to take it out to see how things were going... I couldn't reach it or feel it at all. So after hours of freaking out, i asked my boyfriend to help me with it when he got to my house after work. That took some wrestling around but he got it out, and while i want to become a convert, I'm afraid to try to put it in again. Maybe i put it in too far, maybe i shouldn't have trimmed the stem... I don't know. I also have a Keeper mooncup and a pink cup (which hasn't been used and still has the stem intact) but with this wrestling with the diva cup, I'm very worried i'll have worse issues with these. Any ideas? Maybe it's just not for me? :( i don't want to give up on it. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!